Pirates Distraction I: Hockey Players Trying to be Actors


The NHL Hockey Playoffs have arrived. Amazingly, I was able to watch the hockey game, but wasn’t allowed to watch the Pirates. Even with MLB Extra Innings. It’s a real touchy subject with me. And no, I don’t need the breakdown on what a blackout is. Thanks Pops, JP, ahhh..you all know who you are!

Not that you asked me, but I think that baseball players are better actors than hockey players. With the Pens big win last night, I was able to watch numerous hockey players in commercials. (I had some time when I jumped back and forth from NHL to MLB. NHL on my full HD, as the Pirates were on a two inch by two inch screen on MLB Mix. Heh, my man PJ watched it on his phone. True Fan, True Fan.)

Thanks to some help from friends at with leather, I couldn’t help but dig up ex Penguin Colby Armstrong’s finest moment as a pitchman for A&L Motors.

Our favorite Washington Capital is also featured.

You may also notice another Penguin in this video. Look closely.

Not that I need proof, but here is what baseball players need to beat…