Heh Marlins, The Pirates Are Not The NATINALS


Much was made of the Florida Marlins hot start they were winners of seven in a row, but the Pirates had little trouble cooling them off with an 8-0, two hit shutout.

**Ross Ohlendorf, Tyler Yates and Jesse Chavez put up the goose egg for the Pirates.  Each was impressive in their own way, lowering the team ERA well, good enough for second in Major League Baseball.

**The Fish beat the teams they should have beat including six against the team from DC.  I have done my fair share of mispellings on this blog, it is not a strength of our staff.  But this is straight out of a Southwest Airlines commercial.  Wanna getaway? 

**Even Chris Cooley got in on the Nationals jokes with his pool party invite.

"From Cooley’s infamous blog:  ”I’ve even started making a preliminary guest list for the first pool party. Invites will go first to the entire Caps team after they win the Stanley Cup, which should coincide nicely with the Nats getting their second or third win of the season. Next, I’m talking at least three Victoria Secret models and maybe even one or two of those Fredricks of Hollywood girls. We’ll even ask if Tom can even bring Giselle. I wouldn’t mind having a couple politicians show up either. Barrack seems like a pretty cool guy and I’m sure he could bring an A list group with him.”"

**We have been lucky enough to have talked with Cooley several times.  He really is a solid guy.  Not sure who types this stuff though.  Perhaps an alter ego?

**Jason Jaramillo, I apologize. I’m all about defensive catchers that aren’t confused by fake timeouts… and still gun the runner out like you did at second base tonight. De fense De fense!

“That’s what I take pride in, making sure my pitchers are taken care of,” said Jaramillo after the game on 104.7.  “The coaching staff is amazing, the information fed to us is unbelievable.  I was comfortable when I found out that Ryan wasn’t going to go.  Joe does opposing hitters, he is a bundle of information.”  About Ohlendorf, “when his changeup is on, well, all of his pitches  were on tonight.  All of his pitches were right on point.  We threw quite a few sinkers, we didn’t throw too many four seam fastballs.”

**Two steals of third base. One by Nate McLouth and another by Jack Wilson.  The scouting report done by the Pirates coaches was be agressive.  The coaches are getting their point across (on many levels) to this young team and it sure is fun to watch.  One of the best sights of the night was the huge jump 1B LaRoche got, he was one third of the way to second before the ball was released. 

**Hard bunt by Nyjer Morgan right back to the pitcher.  Not what us Rumbunters enjoy seeing Nyjer.

**As I listened to the game, I discovered Delwyn Young is the emergency catcher.  He has experience catching pitchers in the bullpen.  I like this kid more and more.

**Craig Monroe has some fire. He didn’t enjoy getting thrown out from the outfield grass by Ramirez. He let the umpire know about his displeasure and Coach Hill quickly seperated the ump and Monroe. His next at bat? He showed he also is a smart player. With Nate the Great already aboard.  Monroe worked a walk which wasn’t hard on this rainy, chilly evening from the erratic Miller. Even Adam LaRoche nearly walked after working Miller to a 3-2 count before drilling a two out, two run single which scored McLouth and Monroe. The hit chased Miller to the showers.

**Adam LaRoche is an Under Armoured sponsored, budding wildlife celebrity and quite talented with a shotgun. Thankfully, because after seeing him run there is no doubt that he is not going to run many animals down in the wild. He doubled in the fourth, took third on a short fly and trotted home on a wild pitch.  LaRoche, drop the trailer, as we say in the old man’s ball league.

**And Jaramillo had a couple hits too, nice debut.  What happened to the D dominant catcher?

**Not only did Ross Ohlendorf pound the strike zone tonight in getting his first victory.  He did it all, click here for his pitch f/x.  His 91 pitches over seven innings of two hit ball would have been much more than enough to satisfy, but we were impressed with the NICE BUNT! Nothing like a perfect 1-3 sacrifice from us bunt lovers at Rumbunter!

**Ohlie.  The sinker. 10 ground balls.  The slider wasn’t his best.  But the changeup, impressive stuff.  Nice change of speeds.  I thought this kid was a two pitch guy?

**When Adam LaRoche shows patience at the plate, I get excited. His walk in the bottom of the sixth is a great sign. I promise.

**Who said the Pirates won’t have some pop? Well, that is a long list, Nate reached the river tonight.   Seven ‘Bucco Blasts’ on the year at PNC.

**About the seventh inning,  just after Cantu just missed a homerun when he jerked an 86mph inside hanger into the left field corner, 3B Andy LaRoche began the turn of a spectacular double play with an unreal play.  One of several webgems by LaRoche at the hot corner.  Just calm down and hit big guy, it’s obvious you can play. 

**I see absolutely no reason to believe Nyjer shouldn’t hit .300. Do you?

**Who pissed in Tyler Yates Golden Grahams?
95up and in
88slider down
94jammed inside busted bat

91swing and a miss
Lined at sanchez

91away fouled off
91inside and low
89fouled off to the screen
95 swing and a miss

**Jesse Chavez with the mid nineties heat.  Nice way to close it out kid.

**The Ryan Doumit MRI was inconclusive.  Today a CT scan is scheduled to look closer at his wrist injury.  Pirates fans are nervous.

**Four wins on the homestand.  All shutouts which leads all of MLB.  How long is Joe Kerrigan signed?

**The Power were the only affliate to get ballgames in last night. Chase D’Arnaud had his seventh RBI.

**Jason Giambi.  In the new GQ.  It is a must click.

"On Roger Clemens’ magical hot testicle ointments:“I’ve seen some of it drip onto his balls. He lubes. I’ve never seen a guy wear more hot shit on the planet. The guy’s basically in a jock and a pair of socks and like head to toe in hot shit. That’s no bullshit.” “I’ve seen some of it drip onto his balls. He lubes. I’ve never seen a guy wear more hot shit on the planet. The guy’s basically in a jock and a pair of socks and like head to toe in hot shit. That’s no bullshit.”"