Steelers Nab Guard Urbik Before Pats. WR Wallace Looks To Win Return Job


A couple of quick hits on the Steelers before I run to softball training….Kraig Urbik of Wisconsin looks like a great pick.  He was being eyed by the Patriots.  Sorry Bill, he is ours now.  You enjoy rehabbing the marijuana smoker, Brandon Tate.

Urbik is versatile, strong and a hard worker, which is a good start. A four-year starter for the Badgers, Urbik is hoping to continue the tradition of well-prepared, tough offensive linemen Wisconsin has sent to the NFL, like Washington’s Casey Rabach and 2007 top-five draft pick Joe Thomas.

Urbik began the first 16 games of his career at right tackle and then slid inside to right guard, and his ability to play both is certainly a plus in scouts’ eyes. A blue-collar good guy with a nasty streak in the trenches, he has a solid punch move, moves his feet well in pass protection and has good awareness in terms of picking up the blitz and a defender’s movements.

He started 45 straight games before a knee injury sidelined him for two-plus games last season, and the Wisconsin offensive struggled without its leader. However, he may struggle in a zone-blocking scheme and can get too tall in his stance at times.

Mike Wallace on the Ole Miss website. He holds the Ole Miss records for season career kickoff return yards s as well as single game and season kickoff return yardsLink to Wallace on youtube at Under Armour Senior Bowl.   Also another one against Texas Tech double coverage.