Watch Your Step: Fake Pirate Fans Can Now Exit the Ship


The Pirates dropped a tough one today to the Brewers. I am over it. For some reason, we make the Brewers look awfully tough. Chris Duffy (.100 batting average in two starts) made their roster for God’s sake.

How do the Brewers get that many people to attend a mid week game?  29,000 plus yesterday.  I understand they made it to the playoffs, but come on it’s April.  Aren’t you working?  We are in a recession, don’t be out at the ball yard having fun.  Bastards.  They are setting records for attendance.  Impressive.  God, I don’t like this team.  No reason really, just can’t stand this team.  And their gawdy attendance numbers.  Glad we won’t be back there until the kids go to school in August.

"From the Public Enemies Blog We all know who Bernie Brewer is – that little dorky guy at Miller Park that slides down the slide into a giant beer mug (hmmmmm no beer mug??). But did you know the history behind those actions?In 1970 the Milwaukee Brewers were rather new and having problems with attendance. So Milt Mason (69) said he would go into a little chalet on top of County Stadium and stay up there until the Brewers would get 40,000 in attendance for one game. He thought it would take a week or two.Forty days later the Brewers hit 40,000. But wait it gets better.Milt is so excited to get out of that blasted chalet (there were some pretty horrific storms I remember) that in his excitement he slid down a 30 foot rope severely burning his hands and legs before falling the last 15 feet and breaking a few dozen bones in his frail body.Once his very lengthy recovery was complete the Brewers, as a gift, gave him a lifetime supply of beer which it seems he tried to drink in one day and he died of liver failure do to alcohol poisoning.So the next time you see Bernie Brewer sliding DOWN into his beer . . . there is some truth in it.Many stories say he died from a bad batch of beer but I have been doing a LOT of research on that and it’s an urban legend. There is no way you can die from a bad batch of beer unless it was tampered with and I would think that there would have made the news of tampering, ESPECIALLY in Milwaukee."

Remember, (real) Pirates fans we have been playing well until the bullpen imploded, Maholm had his bad start, and Brewers Ace Yovani Gallardo pitched just like that fancy artist’s name he has.  It was difficult to watch the Pirates without their star players Ryan Doumit and Nate McLouth.  Add a little luck here and there and we take two of the three.  Stay strong.  Sean are you for real?

The more I watch Ian Snell, the more I like him.  He did his best to stop the sweep.  I can’t say the team around him today showed that urgency.

The series this weekend will be a turnaround.  Mark it down.  The Pirates have shown signs of success against the Reds throughout the young season.  In spring training, they saw each other every week it seemed.  I am interested in watching attendance numbers after the series.

The staff at Rumbunter has been behind Robinzon Diaz from the beginning.  I like the looks of this talented backstop.

Build it and they will come.  The minor league report link.  Garrett Jones has 20RBI in 17 games ranking him third in the International League.

HBO might have Hard Knocks: Training Camp with The Bengals. WOW. HBO figured it out. How can we get ratings from this show? Who would the Steeler Nation enjoy watching the most? Ok, so the Ravens passed on the idea, next in line… I can’t wait to watch Chad, Andre, Frostee, Pat, and Tank. HBO just keeps on rolling. This is like combining Cops, OZ, well…you get the idea.

So the Bengals cut Gary Russell?

Follow John Daly on the European Tour here at this link.

If you are a Steelers fan, you will like this link.  The Steelers did some recreating of the Super Bowl celebration.  You gotta check this out.