Boogity! Boogity! Disturbance at PNC Park


BOOGITY BOOGITY!  Sixteen straight.  The streak…

Wasted opportunities early. This game should have been opened up by the Bucs….

Duffy makes a great catch by the wall! WOW. He flat out robbed LaRoche.

Fifth inning:
Eleven doubles for Sanchez leads NL. He pounded it into right field. Bringing up Nate who swung awkwardly (ala Sanchez) at a bad pitch and drives in Sanchez. He doesn’t appear hurt to me.

After 1B LaRoche goes down looking in the fifth, up comes Moss who tripled in the first run, he popped out stranding Nate at first.

We are pulling for you Brandon. Shake that monkey kid.  And that uppercut swing and remember…pride passion PATIENCE. I know, I know patience is easy for us to say.

JHammer with a bleeder two out double. Maholm still bats. Strikes out looking.

WOW!  Maholm makes up for the dropped double play(poor relay throw had him crossing his body in the first inning) when in the bottom of the seventh he comes flying off the mound grabs the ball with his back turned, spins and then he fired a strike to LaRoche at first for the out.  So pretty it was impossible to type!

How many line drives did Maholm give up?  He was just sailing along…

John Grabow in.  And then, as we expected Superman arrived.   Ryan “we are the wrong team to mess with” Braun steps up with the  bases full. Grabow strike one, strike two, foul, foul, pop up hit to right and it….
drops in front of Moss.  Don’t you dare dive Moss. Ugghhh. Two RBI for Braun. Looks pretty in the book.

There went the win for Maholm.  There went the confidence boost until…

JHammer drills a double into left field that hit off of Corey Hart’s glove and then hit  Minnesotas electronic six on the wall.  It plated Vazquez for the go ahead run!

Matt Capps…wow what a mess.  Brewers tie it and then with runners on the corner and a 2-2 count, JHammer looks at bench.  High inside fastball called.  Just misses.  3-2 count.  JHammer looks at bench.  High inside fastball called.  Meeks puts it in the seats.

If you don’t laugh you will cry.  Boogity!  Boggity!