Laugh the Pain Away with the Pirates Photo Caption Contest


Well I think frustration is setting in for most of us. The last few games…ugh. But heh, how about Sean Burnett?

St Louis and Milwaukee are in the top ten of attendance.  Pittsburgh is firmly rooted in last behind the Nats.  We will improve on that number very soon. 

Pujols. Want a tee to put that ball on next time?

Many wasted opportunities last night had us all shaking our heads.

We have the ability, but the lack of timely and dare I beg….extra base hits is costing us ball games.

Why did Bixler get called up? Five games? Come on.

Thanks JR for giving a start to Young. While I am begging, maybe another?


While spending 48 wonderful hours in Washington DC, I saw hotels filled with government business meetings while corporate America is afraid to go near a hotel for fear of the ugly press making it a front page story.  Meanwhile, morale is at an all time low in many companies throughout the world.

We had dinner with FBI Agent George Piro who spent seven months interrogating the psychopath he referred to as Mr. Sadaam. What an unbelievable story this guy has… Mr. George controlled time, shared cookies that his mother made with Sadaam (unbeknowst to Mom), and told us Sadaam invaded Kuwait over a $10 prostitute comment.  Fascinating story, check out the link if you didn’t catch it on 60 Minutes.  Agent Piro served our country incredibly well.  And no, he will not be writing a book anytime soon.

Wild life in DC:  About the time the Pirates fell to pieces, I peered out the window of the Jamaican Restaurant in our seedy hotel.  And to what did my eyes appear?  An eighteen inch rat staring back at me.  Fitting.

Wild life in PA. As I drove back early this morning wondering what the Pirates will do to get out of this rut…. I narrowly missed hitting an albino possum. PETA probably had a camera on the little critter and I surely will get a speeding ticket in the mail.  Fitting.

The ability to watch every pitch on a 2.5 inch screen on my phone still amazes me.  The Cards tried their damndest to give us that game last night and we couldn’t take it.

AROUND THE HORN IS THE WINNER OF UA BP SHIRT!  Congratulations and thank you to all who participated.  And now ladies and gentlemen the photo contest….

My captions are really bad. I need your help. Send me your captions for the photos below.  Just make an account, log in whatever… then tell me your caption for any or all of the photos below.

You can use the following to identify your captions.  Moss Picture, Nyjer Picture, or Brody picture.  We will pick a winner on Tuesday May 12. (My birthday by the way)  I will give you, the winner, a headline on Rumbunter.  Just what you need to print and send to your Mom to prove that you are making a difference in this world.

Surely you can top these right?  If the captions really make me laugh, I might be talked into upping the ante a little.  Depends on how many captions we can get.  It’s better than complaining about the Bucs right?

We will right this ship.