Pirate Fans Don’t Jump: We Win Today!



Perez is out and Niese is in as the starter for the NY Mets.  We will beat this guy.  He had four starts in AAA Buffalo this year, Niese produced an 8.44 ERA and an 0-2 record.

Sure we are last in the league in timely hitting, but check out what we do have to cheer about the Pirates lead NL in doubles.  Thanks Freddy.  Second in Team ERA.  3rd in Batting Average against and also third in quality starts.

Everyone breathe deeply!  We are getting the pitching.  The hitting will come.  Trust me.  It will come and when it does, you don’t want to be that guy in the office that threw in the towel over a little losing streak do you?  Be careful what you say during frustrating times like these.

Come on Pirates, get the bats out in New York tonight.

The latest attempt to stir up the madness.  Bob Smizik said last week that Monroe deserves to play.  Ok, he has played and did you notice anything?  He is doing nightly Craig Wilson impressions.  o-4 again yesterday with another strikeout on a 70plus mile an hour junk ball.  Which frustrated Monroe so badly he crushed his bat like a toothpick on his way to the bench.  Listen, I want Monroe to get some at bats, but the book is out…well, it  has been out and until the 30 something Monroe learns how to hit the off speed stuff it makes no sense to let young Moss rot.  None whatsoever.

I am thrilled the Pirates pitched to Pujols.   Sure he was 4-4 on Wednesday.  But he went 0 for 2 against the Bucs yesterday and was also beaned by the big righthander.  His career .371 average is going to drop thanks to the efforts yesterday.  Not much, but it was a mental thing for me.  He is a monster no question, but trying to pitch around him all the time does nothing for our pitching staff down the road.

Pedro Alvarez had a great spring.  Even Peter Gammons managed to sing his praises, well two sentences worth anyway.  Click here to check out his number eight pick.

Do you think Karstens is feeling any pressure today at Citi  Field?

The Gorzo Watch continues…Tom Gorzelanny (1-1, 4.37) allowed three runs and four hits in six innings. He struck out eight, walked three and threw 59 of 99 pitches for strikes.