Off to the House that Unused Cell Minutes Built


We will see everybody tomorrow.  We are headed to the crucial first game of the Pens, now, three game series starting tonight in DC.  Gotta get some work done.

We will take some pictures for everyone…just trust they are like this one from the Washington Post today…

Check this story out on Pedro Alvarez. It details some of the timing problems he appears to be having, but don’t panic, he did hit number six last night.


Chicago Charlie, my man, I am sorry about Rammy.  He had that same injury with the Bucs and from what we understand it can always come back.  He was diving for a ball that Ryan Braun hit last night.  Perhaps four to six weeks is the verdict, he gets an MRI in Chicago today.

Here is the player who will be filling in for him, acquired from the Orioles.  Ryan Freel, who spent six seasons with the Reds until signing with Baltimore as a free agent before this season, capable of playing second, third and all three outfield spots, and possibly shortstop in an extreme pinch.

Check out this AP Photo of Rex Ryan!  WOW.  Rexy is looking sexy!