Fascinating Moves JR; Pirates Five Game Win Streak Snapped



Why doesn’t Andy LaRoche get to hit when it counts? What is the fascination with Ramon Vazquez? 3-for-his last 5, sure, but come on…Andy and Adam carried it tonight!

Why JR are we playing as deep as a slowpitch softball team on opening day in the eighth inning?  Tell Varsho to back up and move them where YOU want them.

You can’t take your foot off the neck of a team like the Nats.  We did tonight.

We don’t like it.

Enjoy the weekend in Chicago.



All of these damn broken bat hits off losing pitcher Gorzo (1-1) tonight tell me I just need to break something and since my bats are all TPS, Freaks, and various other overpriced metal sticks all I could find was this.

We had this series swept!


Good News:

Brad Lincoln threw a two hit shutout tonight for the Curve. His ERA dropped to 2.31

Eric Hacker who is the pitcher we just grabbed from the Yankees threw well for Indy tonight going 5+ IP and allowing an unearned run.