Are the Pirates Hot or Is It Swine Flu?


Rumbunter was thrilled with the Pirates last two victories.  The Mets are a team that we have disdained since elementary.

The Mets silly

song might have done it…

Meet the Mets, Meet the Mets, step right up and greet the Mets.  Bring the kiddies and the wife.  Guaranteed to have the time of your life, East Side, West Side, everybody’s coming down…to meet the M-E-T-S, Mets of New……. York….. town.

You tube it if you must.  It really is rather catchy, but nonetheless I was feeling quite good about the Pirates victories and then I read a New York article in the Post that was much more serious.

Swine Flu?  Huh?

I understood that the Mets just had a nasty virus moving around the clubhouse.  Nobody said it was swine flu.  Yet.

I am certain the virus would be similar to the one the Pirates struggled with during spring training.  It wasn’t swine flu.  And Good Lord I am praying this isn’t swine flu.

It might not be.

Don Barr, who is a producer on the SNY broadcast, and travels with the team on the plane was sent back to New York and will await tests to confirm if he has the illness.  (Other reports are that he is isolated in a Pittsburgh hospital, while still other reports do not use his name for the press)

Mets Assistant GM John Ricco has went on record and said that Carlos Beltran doesn’t have the flu, just a severe gastro virus.   He also stated John Maine, who missed his start Sunday,  isn’t suffering from the typical symptoms of Swine Flu.

I hate the Mets, but I hate this Swine Flu business worse.

Get better soon fellas.