My Dream Came True: McLouth Gone


Repost from Feb 14, 2009:

I had a weird dream last night.

Then I read

The reports today on told us that Nate McLouth feels the Pirates will offer him a reasonable deal.   Arbitration is scheduled for Tuesday in Arizona.

I dont see Nate wearing the number 13 for our hometown Pirates much longer.

Nate was quoted as saying, “I don’t have anything concrtete it’s just a feeling.”  Well my feeling is completely different.  Sure they may reach a one year deal.  I just got a feeling that McLouth will be gone soon.  A one-year deal makes it less complicated for his next team.

McLouth is at the height of value for the Pirates.  Winning a gold glove and slugging .467 on the year will do that for a team.   He was all everything in the minors, but nothing from 2005 to 2007  showed he could pull this season together.  Sure some of you and everyone in the Pirates organization will say they saw it coming, except Tracy and the former Pirates staff who kept him on the bench behind Duffy and Morgan, etc.  However going into last year, most of McLouth’s peers picked him to have the breakout year that he did in 2008.

I thought he could have a solid year, but nothing like the career year he put together.  I was wrong last year and might be wrong again.

In spite of fading during the home stretch, McLouth somehow became the face of the Pirates after the trades of Bay, etc… No matter how you put excuses together, he didnt have a complete year.  Which concerns me.  He now is literally in every FSN commercial here in Pittsburgh.  I trust we take advantage of his value now before it could be too late.

Why wouldn’t the Pirates package him?  Have you seen any starting pitching that without question makes you feel confident in our Pirates this season?  The club is coming around, but one bad season by a player will have an impact.  The team needs some luck and have tough decisions to make.  I think this is a tough decision, but a necessary one at this time.

I am certain the Pirates are concerned about the perception.  But the fact is this, perception is important but shouldn’t guide the decisions of our ballclub.  I know fans are not going to like the idea, but I think McLouth should be traded.

Of course you remember Andy Van Slyke.   I just happened to be watching Sportsbeat Rewind on this chilly afternoon and maybe this was what stirred my dream.  A very bad dream.  Back in 1994  GM Cam Bonifay was introduced by a smiling Stan Savarn.  “The Pirates have a big announcement,” said Savarn.  I don’t think Stan had any idea what was about to be said.

Then the camera zoomed to a stern Cam Bonifay GM of the Pirates who matter of factly uttered, “Well, I just wanted to let our fans know…we had discussions with Andy yesterday and we’ve made a decision that we will not ask Andy back and will not extend him a contract for next year.  ….it took a lot of time, a lot of consideration on our part.  WE FEEL GOOD ABOUT IT…”  Bonifay said this in a manner like I tell my wife to close the garage door or turn off the lights.

I’m not saying McLouth is Van Slyke.  How can anyone match this quote from old number 18 after all this was announced, “I owe the Pittsburgh Pirates more than I will ever be able to pay back.  I’m endebted to the Pirates the rest of my life.”

Pure class.

I am preparing myself for the McLouth announcement.  I don’t know when, but I hope it comes soon.  McLouth should get a contract, but I surely trust we are working on a deal for him.  Maybe it won’t happen, but if it does, I am thrilled with it.