Penguins Crosby Shows Cabbie His Knob


Hanging in the locker room with Penguins Captain Sid the Kid, ScoreTV personality Cabbie asks that very personal question about the size of Sidney Crosby’s knob. 

This was a PartII in an interview from The Score, a very hockey oriented television network based in Canada.   Cabbie is very connected in the hockey world and he gets Sid to open up in this hilarious interview.

In Part I of this series Cabbie asked Crosby about the size of his knob.  Crosby was modest in his response, ”it’s not big, but it’s not small.”  That interview was conducted outside the Pens locker room. 

In this new video, Cabbie and Sid conduct this interview in the privacy of the Penguins the locker room.

SIDE NOTE:  The Creative VP of Rumbunter, Third Boss, has been a witness to Sid the Kid in a locker room.  We won’t comment on that (at this time).   Perhaps Third Boss could write a story for our female fans after the Stanley Cup wraps up next week.   Female readers make up 68 percent of Rumbunter readers by the way.  If you are interested ladies, please let us know.

Since it’s all about the ladies this Total Pro Sports video isn’t meant for anyone under the age of 18.  Cover your eyes and break out the Earmuffs…