Pride, Passion, Patience. Patience?


After watching Ramon Vazquez yesterday, I became angry.  What a tough game to lose.  He set the shortstop position back a little bit didn’t he?  The Pirates desperatley need depth at the shortstop position. 

Vazquez is signed through 2010.

No structural damage for Wilson.  I watched that play four times and couldn’t figure out how is right arm was tweaked.  Get better Jack, the Bucs need you desperately. [Trib]

Andrew McCutchen looks so comfortable at the plate. 

And rather uncomfortable in the field as he fails to get good jumps and has taken a few interesting routes.  He was two steps behind throughout the weekend.  I believe it was Bob Walk who thought he might be having difficulty picking up the ball due to the upper levels of major league fields.  Interesting point.  It’s going to take a while for him to get comfortable out there.

I bet he does a little better in Atlanta, but the learning curve is going to take time.  So be patient Pirates fans.

Sorry, just had to say it.

Steven Jackson was oh so close to getting out of the inning….two quick ground balls and then…ugh. 

Ian Snell.  Sigh.

I kept muttering Pride. Passion.  PATIENCE.


I can’t wait until the Braves series is over.  I really can’t.  Nate the Great is 2-for-11 with the Braves and he gets the party started with how weird this series will be…  [PG]

Bring on the Tigers and Turn Back the Clock to 1909.  The Pirates do a great job with this event and I am looking forward to it.  Will it really be old school with the boys in wool uniforms with the PBC on the sleeve like Hall of Famer Vic Willis?   Vic was legend.

Look at these two top ten prospect lists from the past two years.  How much have these changed now?


3B Pedro Alvarez

OF Andre McCutchen

OF Jose Tabata

RHP Brad Lincoln

RHP Bryan Morris

3B Neil Walker

RHP Jeff Sues

2B Shelby Ford

RHP Daniel McCutchen

OF Robbie Grossman


OF Andrew McCutchen

3B Neil Walker

1B/OF Steve Pearce

RHP Brad Lincoln

LHP Daniel Mosklos

2B Shelby Ford

OF Jamie Romak

SS/2B Brian Bixler

LHP Duke Welker

OF Brad Corley

McLouth’s contract was important to the Braves.  Ya think?  [Baseball Prospectus]