Hillcats Dubee Continues A-Ball Domination


A quick prospect update for everyone…

The Pirates traded Andy Phillips to the White Sox earlier this year for Michael Dubee.  Big deal.  Why are you bothering me with this you ask…just keep reading.  

Dubee is having an amazing season.  46 strikeouts and two walks?  Huh?  Look at these stats…[Hillcat site, Dubee]

Sure Andy has done a lot in his life, his Wiki is quite large. Michael Dubee doesnt seem to have a Wiki.   I will give you one tidbit…his dad is the Pitching Coach for the Philadelphia Phillies. 

So you now have another example of the Pirates building future talent.

Hell, Phillips wasn’t given a White Sox hat by Yahoo.  Details, Details.  [Yahoo Andy Phillips page]

One thing that Michael Dubee doesn’t have though is a story like this one…(reposted from earlier this season)

 With the Pirates bench in desperate need of a right handed bat, a veteran has appeared to be making the most of an opportunity.  Andy Phillips has been showing that he means it when he says, “I understand that my role is going to be coming off the bench.” 

The other veteran making the most of an opportunity is an adult actress that has been in 50 skin flicks and has been tricked by the stupid “heh baby  I am a pro athlete trick.” Demi Dalia is a star for the familiar Wicked Pictures and Vivid Video.  She was also married for two years to fellow porn king Randy Spears until it ended in August of 2008. 

The crazy story that needs to be put to the wayside immediately apparently happened over the Christmas holiday a few months ago.  The accusation sounds familiar to the story regarding former Steeler now Arizona Cardinal QB Brian St. Pierre impersonator, but the guy in this story was giving (breakfast coupons) instead of receiving (cash)? I think the con is to get money from the woman.  In this case the woman happens to be–”Mommy XXX.”    Some one needs to coach up this fake Andy Phillips on the art of the con. 

Come on, athletes are smart. You expect us to believe Andy Phillips would use his real name in an email to a porn star? Come on man… http://deadspin.com/5152226/andy-phillips-and-the-bizarre-porn-star-police-report 

I think Andy Phillips really was with his family, he has a stellar reputation throughout his career.  MLB is backing up Andy and I am sure the story will disappear soon.  “I have a wife and a daughter. I do a lot of work with kids and with churches,” Phillips said. “This (allegation) is a distraction. Why would someone do a sick thing like that? The sad thing is, I hear this kind of thing happens quite often.”

The only connection between Phillips and Demi Delia (MommyXXX) is her tune on her home page.  It is catchy.  “There Goes Another One.”  Maybe we will hear it at PNC Park this summer?

There goes another one could actually relate to how well Phillips is hitting the ball.  He has made the most of limited opportunities leading the team in RBI with five in only 11AB.  He is hitting .455

The Pirates are going to see how well he can play second base today.  He  he is penciled in as the starter against the Twins. How well he does goes a long way to showing his versatility which will be vital for the club in the upcoming year.  Phillips has made just eight appearances at second base in his 259-game career, including only one start,  with the Yankees (2004-07), Cincinnati Reds (2008) and New York Mets (2008).

He has seen the most action at first base with 107 starts while also starting eight games at third base and one in left.

He was quite a star in his younger days at Alabama, always was a slugger in the minor leagues but failed in major league opportunities.  Lets trust he can get some of that spark back, the porn stars stop emailing him with their lustful images and he can help the Pirates bench this season.  Lord knows we need a right handed bat with versatility.