Pirates Fail in All Facets, Swept by Rockies


The Bucs were swept by the hottest team in the league.  Nothing clicked all weekend as each facet of the game failed.  No hitting.  Good hitting-poor bullpen and again NO KILLER INSTINCT.  Good pitching-no defense and again NO KILLER INSTINCT.

With opportunities to take two of three from the white-hot Rockies the Pirates failed.  It isn’t a lack of effort, this team just doesn’t seem mentally strong enough to put the opponent away.   It happens to the average players, average managers and average teams throughout the league.

The Pirates are an average team right now.  It is nothing to be embarassed by at all.  Especially  if you are accustomed to losing. It  is disappointing that such an above average player like Andrew McCutchen is surrounded by so many average players.

Whether it was passed balls, lackadasical fielding, no clutch hitting, no hitting or poor pitch selection in game deciding situations, the Pirates failed to get it done.  And it hurts to watch.  Especially when you see ex-Pirates manager Jim Tracy pulling all the right buttons.

Please don’t mistake Rumbunter for throwing in the towel.  Far from it.  The Pirates are in it to win it.  That makes it better.  Look at the nail bitters this month alone.  A 6-4 loss to Houston.  7-6 loss to Atlanta.  4-3 loss to Atlanta.  3-1 loss to Detroit.  9-7 loss to Colorado.  5-4 loss to Colorado.

Is it just us who thinks this way?

The Rockies were on the ropes.  And the Bucs left them off the ropes.  I don’t care how many games they won.  This isn’t 2007.  This is now.  The Rockies are not that good of a team.  Period.

The Pirates lack of focus in crucial situations isn’t forgiveable.  JHammer?  Come on.  Grawbow?  Even worse.

This could continue and those two players simply standout in my mind from Saturday’s meltdown.

The Bucs have been in a few tight games.   It is not like the Pirates and this lineup are awful.  The Pirates just aren’t together on a nightly basis.  Perhaps the many lineup changes are a reason?  No idea.

This we do know.  Friday night it was the bats.  Dead silent.

Saturday night.  The bullpen backed up a gasoline tanker up to the bump.  Seven runs?

Sunday.  The much bally-hooed defense failed us with another new offensive (literally) focused lineup.

Not hatin’ JR.  Just….well, sayin.  And just frustrated with the mental toughness of this team.   Winning has certainly been within the Pirates grasp.  Just look at the close games this year!

Five in April.  Five in May.  Six in June.  All games the Pirates lost by less than a deuce.  The difference?  The lineup that JR is putting out there handcuffs him.  A few men that are not playing as advertised doesn’t help the Pirates efforts to avoid this streak.  And a few that are playing exactly as advertised, well, they are killing the team.

Eric Hinske.  Come on man.  Where is the juice?  I love the fact that your over .300 as a pinch hitter.  Until yesterday’s three strikeout performance, you were a solid on base player.  You were drawing walks.  Showing patience is great for the young players.  Your example has been great, although not put into play by many of the youngsters.  But one thing is glowingly obvious.  One dinger and nine doubles? the front office brought you to the Burgh to jack a few, smash a few in the gap.   Let’s see it.

Adam LaRoche.  Tell us you are ready to lead this team, we desperately need you to do exactly that.  Heh, it was light until almost 9:30 tonight.  It’s your time kid.  Sub .230 with RISP?  The Cleveland series is huge.  Many fans are thinking the team is about to fade away…

Brandon Moss.  Sub .200 with RISP?  Love the glove, now get back in that zone at the plate.

Delwyn Young.  Absolutely love the stick, but this isn’t slow pitch softball.  Learn how to play the field.  Quickly.  You won’t be around for much longer until you do.

Freddy.  Sunglasses?  Under Armour is looking for a pitchman.  I can give you the number.  Huge mistake yesterday, but your three RBI  early definently gives you a pass.  It’s a rare error which makes it so much more evident.  Now, call Under Armour.

Jack.  Solid.  Can you pull a career year for us?

Jeff Karstens.  Perhaps the most impressive performance of the road trip.  You battled today with 2.1 scoreless.  We appreciate it.  It would have been easy to feel sorry for yourself.  We are thrilled you didn’t.

Robinzon Diaz.  Hang out with Karstens.  You need to work on your game.  NH wasn’t kidding when he said JHammer was better defensively.  You are exactly as advertised.Take some extra time to work on the glove.  It could keep you around this league for a long time.

Andrew McCutchen.  Where have you been?

Some moves made in A ball today.  Pedro!!!  The Carolina League Midseason Awards are handed out  by Chris Lang.

Don’t look now but David Littlefield’s Altoona Curve are the worst, no, corerection, second worst team in baseball.  Whew.  Thanks Nationals.

Who woke up the Cards?  Royals are swept by Pujols bat.