McCutchen Better Be The Pirates All-Star


The following was paid for by the Friends of Andrew McCutchen, Best Center Fielder on Planet Earth.   Andrew McCutchen is the best player on the Pirates.  Period.  Stop talking.  He better be on the field July 14 in St.Louis.  You can help make it happen.

As I write this on the world’s slowest computer, I am staring at a collectible two-ball set from the 2006 All-Star Game.  It was a great time for the city of Pittsburgh.  The All-Stars were of course Jason Bay and Freddy Sanchez.

It certainly appears that Sanchez is going to be gone.  So why does he get to go to the All-Star game?  It gets old watching Pittsburgh send All-Star players to major markets throughout the league.  So I decided to do something about it.

Here is the deal.  Vote McCutchen. Vote for change you can believe in.   Vote now. You have 25 opportunities to write in Andrew McCutchen Pirates Outfield on your ballot.

The kid deserves it.  Just admit it.  Put Cutch in the All-Star game it’s a no brainer.  Do we really want to be represented by a soon to be former Pirate?  No I don’t think you do.  So now invest some time in the Pirates future.

First Base:

Pujols, A., STL

Second Base:

Utley, C., PHI

Third Base:

LaRoche, A., PIT


Hardy, J.J., MIL


Doumit, R., PIT


Morgan, N., PIT


Moss, B., PIT



Andrew McCutchen