Adam LaRoche Puts Homer in River, Pirates Ninth Inning Rally Falls Short


We had finally made it to the Gateway Clipper fleet.  A picture perfect evening at PNC Park was winding down as the Bucs trailed 5-0 in the bottom of the ninth.  Another game against formidable Cleveland Indian southpaw pitcher in David Huff who brought his 7.09 ERA to the yard and simply challenged the Pirates.  The Bucs had no answer all evening.

The family had made the rounds, twice to the corporate suite, twice to the other seats and finally….the playground.  We made it a little bit longer than Brody’s first game.  Brody enjoyed the game about as much as fellow rookie Huff.  Brody appeared to be a long time fan with his knowledge and ability to navigate the 19,000 plus in attendance.  Is my son becoming a new member of the Asylum?

He even asked a sinister question….  “Dad, the Pirates have to get runs to win, right?”  It was a bit much for a rookie Pirate fan.  Thus, we headed to the playground in the ninth rather than after the game.  Oh are we glad we did.

Hence when Tim Neverret said LaRoche had crushed it ‘toward right field’ our necks snapped toward the river.  We had a perfect view.

Watching LaRoche’s ball land in the river was special.  Even though four hours earlier in an interview with, I expressed my mixed feelings on what appears to be  1B LaRoche’s final days in the black and gold.  (When the article appears I will post it for everyone.  I am sure you’re just dying to read it, right?)

LaRoche is quickly becoming one of the hottest hitters in the league.

And yeh, I missed the comeback.  (near comeback)  Actually just another defeat.  This one is number 17 for the Bucs they have lost by less than two runs.

But I have some great pictures of a pretty down team in the first eight innings!  Care to see them.

Andrew McCutchen keeps the hitting streak alive with the rally.  All-Star!  All-Star! 

Jeff Karstens pitched very confidently in his short outing, now posting 8 plus innings from the bullpen with only two earned runs.

Virgel Vasquez on the move?