Ten Reasons to Write-in Pirate Andrew McCutchen on Your All-Star Ballot Today


The fate of the Pittsburgh Pirates All-Star selection is all on your shoulders.  It has been that way since 1970 when Major League Baseball returned the vote to you,  the fan, for selection of the starters for each team.  Don’t let down your city.  You have 25 ways to impact the Mid-Summer Classic this year.  I suggest you write-in Pirate center fielder Andrew McCutchen.  Seriously, what else are you going to do today?

Here are the reasons Rumbunter feels he deserves your vote:

Write in candidates are an American tradition.  Just like fake boobs and beer bongs.  Read about it here.   Wiki    Show your American pride today.  Vote here MLB All-Star Ballot

Some will say he has only played three weeks.  Yeh, no kidding.  That is the point.  He is that good.  It’s not his fault he was kept in the Pirate minor leagues, like some sort of hot chick you text only when you need a fix. The kid is up now and he is drawing attention on a national scale.  The challenge is, we don’t have much time.  We need your vote today!Vote here MLB All-Star Ballot.

Have you seen the kid?  He is everything you look for in an American.  Good, Clean Energy.  For those of you nationally, he doesn’t talk in a brash way, he shows humility and a love for the game.  Your vote will not be wasted when you write in Cutch.   There is no way steroids are involved in his game.  Vote for the youth of America with your write-in for McCutchen.Vote here MLB All-Star Ballot.

He plays for the Pirates.  The Pittsburgh Pirates.  Come on!  Pirate fans need something to cheer about during the game on July 12.  What do you want us to do?  Just keep staring at the Lombardi Trophy and The Stanley Cup until the Steelers start to play again?  Vote here MLB All-Star Ballot.

He is going to play for what…an inning?  We will wait around all night watching your city parade up your favorite player.  The player  who has your team just a few games out of the pennant race.  Our team has been out of the race for sixteen years.  Can’t you slide me a vote on your ballot?  Vote here MLB All-Star Ballot.

Your players will dominate the majority of the action.  Our guy will maybe get an at bat late in the game.  Vote here MLB All-Star Ballot.

McCutchen will need this appearance to jump start his chase toward the record of 24 All Star games played which is shared by Hank Aaron, Willie Mays, and Stan Musial.  Don’t deny the kid an opportunity.  Write-in McCutchen.  Vote here MLB All-Star Ballot.

We would like to see this quote  someday “They invented the All-Star Game for Andrew McCutchen.”  Very similar to this quote…”They invented the All-Star Game for Willie Mays.”  Hall of Famer & Nineteen Time All-Star Ted Williams.  Your vote today can make that happen.  Vote here MLB All-Star Ballot

After you vote for your favorite players in the outfield, what do you really do with that last vote?  You can’t vote for your guy twice!  Write in McCutchen  Vote here MLB All-Star Ballot

The tenth reason is purely selfish.  The fans of Pittsburgh have a new face of their franchise.  We all wished he could have started the year at the majors.  Yes, he has only played in 20 games.  Yeh, he has 18 RBI from the leadoff spot.  You probably know all of that.  I am sick of the All-Stars eventually leaving town.  I would like your vote for McCutchen because he will be around Pittsburgh for several more years.  (Gulp).  You know you want to, just do it.  Vote Cutch.  Vote Cutch 25 times.

Vote here 25 times.

If this doesn’t work, you might have to read another awful ten reason list from me and I know you don’t want to do that do you?

I am headed to OC be back Monday.  Have fun voting!  Gotta love The Virge.  Sweep the Monarchs!