Pirates Didn’t Trade Anyone Today


Good morning Pirate fans.  I trust everyone enjoyed the holiday and came back with all of their fingers?  Whew, a few close calls, but all the digits are still there.  And yeh, the squad lost another series, but the good news is, well the bad news is…no trades were made over the weekend.  The Pirates are reportedly talking to everyone.  Stay tuned.

I forgot in my recap to mention the Bucs are third in Batting average.  Oh yeh, I am not a big fan of that stat.  But thanks for the messages anyway everyone.  It was popular when my brother was following baseball, not so much now.

PG Dejan dissects where Ross Ohlendorf’s speed has gone?  Nice stuff.Including some wisdom from Joe ‘I don’t pay attention to radar guns’  Kerrigan.

Two hits for Pedro last evening as the Curve won

Five Tool Tool put together an extensive list analyzing ten franchises with depressed fans.  Yeh, here it is…. 10 Most Depressed Fan BasesIf this article doesn’t get your blood pumping, then perhaps you really are depressed?

The story of Steve McNair is probed in all the ‘MySpace detective work’ that SportsbyBrooks.com does so well.  The post includes pictures, ex-boyfriends, and more questions about the QB that was known for beating the Steelers a time or two.  Here is a picture of Sahel Kazemi from inside the condo.  Also, take a good look at the ‘since deleted’ MySpace page that has a RIP message and a July2 date?  The bodies were discovered July 4.  Something isn’t making sense?