Hell with Sano, Sign Astros Hampton.


Mike Hampton is the best pitcher in baseball.  Against the Pittsburgh Pirates.  He racked up his fifth win of the season, ahem, his fourth against the Pirates this year.

Mike Hampton has 20 starts against the Pirates.  His ERA is about 2.


I won’t even waste your time.  This is just blackberry notes.  My apologies.  I am trying to go mainstream.  Joking with the headline.  Not joking on the big time.


Andrew McCutchen looks like he could give Troy Polamalu a run for the starting safety job in Latrobe. Wow.

Hampton starts the game with two walks. Delwyn Young rakes a liner that Mike Hampton makes a great play in saving his face from splintering. Doubles Jack Wilson off first. Ahhhhh!!! Why Jack why?

Virgil. Ugh.

Tejada is hitting 500 against the Bucs. Quickly 2-0 Astros. After two outs.

Garrett Jones back up goalie for the Pens? UZR rating improves by keeping a Blum three run homer to a triple in the bottom of the first.

Steve Pearce four pitch K. Sigh. Can you say DFA?

Diaz just keeps on hacking. Making a strong case for staying with the club!

Virgil’s second inning. Nice! 123

Virgil nearly smokes Pence in right field! The kid can hit!  Wow! Tony Beasley has something to work with in this right handed stick.

Virgil’s third inning. Nice! 123

The Bucs have been giving Blum a good workout with those two hoppers to third base tonight.

One infield hit through four innings off Hampton. Seven Bucs in a row. Owned.

I’m a huge fan of the home plate umpire. Thank you for the out on that awful call. Single follows. Two on for Matsui with one out. . Ten pitch walk. Bases suddenly juiced and out races Joe Kerrigan to speak to Virg. Jack Wilson gave a spirited pep talk followed by the ass slap. First pitch to Freddy All star Sanchez.  He tosses to Jack. Inning over.

Diaz nice bunt just a little too far. Error!! Virg centers one but it gets too much air.  Line out.

Vasquez issued a Leadoff walk in the bottom of fifth. And it just got worse. 4-0 Astros. Wilson made a sparkler for the final out when he raced into shallow left center to snare a blooper. Amazing stuff on a nightly basis.

Cutch gets a leadoff walk to start the sixth. Erased Wilson’s doutble play ball.

One infield hit through six innings off Hampton. Owned.

Delwyn Young talks to himself inleft field. Entertaining, much like his glove work.

Vasquez cruises.

Jones leads off 7th with a shot that hits the bottom of the fence in RF.  That was the Pirates first extra base hit since Independence Day.

Another rip by LaRoche.  Ahhhhhhhh.  Caught.

Cecil Cooper still has a job.  Didn’t think I’d see it.

Pierce with the turkey.  God that was awful.  Three K’s.  DFA!  DFA!  DFA!

How many rookies were in the lineup tonight?  WOW!  Holy AAA.

Diaz singles to right field to score Jones. Diaz tried to stretch it to a double.  His left arm is caught in the dirt, his slide is slowed considerably.  Ughly.

Chavez greeted with worlds slowest triple.   Good God that took forever.

Chavez strands him!  Great work.

Quick two outs for the Bucs.

Cutch liner is knocked down.  Tossed to first.  123. Again.

Evan Meek issued leadoff walk.  Then he got nasty.  Three k’s

Three straight ks. Unreal. 96mph tailing heaters.  Sick sliders and off speed as well.  WOW.   I love Kerrigan.  He is proving his ability on a daily basis.

Valverde comes in to close it out.  He and Hampton?  Good Lord.

He throws 96mph consistently.  With movement.

Wilson reaches out and places it perfectly.  We are in business.

Young  strikes out

Jones strikes out.  91mph nasty. Location was out and away.

3B LaRoche sees numerous splitters.  Strikes out on a 96mph heater.

Valvarde strikes out the side.

1B LaRoche remains on deck with his two career HR against Valvarde.