What Do You Think Of This Pirates Rumor?




Spent some time with the Minnesota Star Tribune about Sanchez and Capps tonight.  Quite flattering.  I about dropped my phone when I read the message.  Thanks Doogie.

Here is what he predicts….Alexi Casilla, Brian Duensing, Cole Devries or Jay Rainville, and a low-level pitcher to Pittsburgh for Sanchez & Capps.

The Twins have payroll flexibility and move into the new stadium next year.  Their payroll is $7 million lower than two years ago.

Doogie is the man.  Good Lord, he knows his stuff.  Nice blog.

What do you think of this trade?

And here is the other one being discussed with those San Fran Giants. Why would we even consider talking to them again after Rios? Anyway, here it is on Yardbarker.  It has been around for a few weeks, so perhaps there is something to it.

Jim Benedict was spotted at the Yankees game last night.  Ohhhh the speculation.  Trade rumors really bore me.  Maybe if the scouts were hot ladies, the MLB would spike my trade interest.  Anyway here is the link on our only lefthander drawing some interest from the team that took a left hander not to long ago….how did that work out for you George? 

Which do you think is the better deal?