Pirates Freddy Sanchez Non-Trade…This Is A Test, This Is Only A Test


Freddy Sanchez has not been traded.  I repeat Freddy Sanchez has not been traded.  Get off the bridge John. Drop your torches Anderson, Nick, Billy, and the rest of you slobbering, win thirsty Pirate fans.  


It didn’t happen.  Take a deep breath.

In what was obviously a test of the fan base, the Pirates quickly discovered what would happen if Freddy Sanchez is traded in the opinion of many fans as an obvious ‘salary dump.’   Unless Neil Huntington and the Pirates brass can get Roy Halladay for Freddy, some Pirates fans are going to riot in the streets.

Well at least until the Steelers head to Latrobe for training camp they will.

I was reading the Rockies blog today, Purple Row.  Overwhelmingly, the Rockies fans did not like WHATSOEVER the idea of picking up Sanchez.  The fans that were lukewarm to the idea weren’t sold on the move if it would have been/is for Eric Young, Jr.

Why?  PURE SPECULATION FOLLOWS….The few people who were ok with picking up Sanchez felt it was important because Young, Jr. didn’t have the glove necessary and would need to move to CF.  Hmmmm…if they are correct it would be getting crowded out there for the Pirates.

If the deal is brought back to life, do you think Perry Hill could work some magic and help Young’s defense?

The Jobu/Kentucky Fried Chicken superstition worked for Ryan Doumit. He had a few hits tonight.  He will be back on the squad shortly he didn’t make the Indy trip to Toledo today. 

Lastings Milledge will head to Indy tomorrow in his pursuit of playing his way onto the daunting Pirates roster.  Hilarious.

Joel Hanrahan got a victory today Pirates fans.  It’s true.  He was in Philly, but his former Nationals team beat the Astros in a suspended game and Hanrahan was the pitcher of record. 

Here is the Fansided Phillies site for those of you looking for some background information on the World Champions.