Pedro Alvarez Show Hits The Big Stage at Sirius XM All-Star Futures Game, But Focus Remains on Altoona Curve


Pedro Alvarez is already shouldering a heavy load for the Pittsburgh Pirates.  He has two important agenda items this month.  The first one is to play lights out in  St. Louis for the Sirius XM All-Star Futures Game at Busch Stadium on Sunday.  

Alvarez will take the field in a showcase of the best players in the minor leagues.   The US team dropped the game to the World team 3-0 last year.  Ozzie Smith will manage the US  Team while Jose Oquendo manages the World Team. The game will be covered on Channel 175 with veteran Jim Katt doing the analysis.   I can hear the call now…..”Alvarez hits another one deep for the US Team, this one is way back….”

And the second agenda item is to help the Altoona Curve return to their once presigious spot on the minor league stage.

Good Luck with all of that kid, it’s a busy month for you.

Alvarez is keeping his end of the bargain with a recent seven game hitting streak.  Jose Tabata has a six game hitting streak currently.  Alvarez will miss the next two games while he is in St. Louis.  The Curve are on the road against Bowie Saturday while the Pedro Alvarez Show rakes in St. Louis.  The Curve return to Blair County Ballpark on Thursday and have 13 remaining home games on the July schedule.  (Making the trip to Altoona is on our to do list at Rumbunter.)

It is well known that the Curve have struggled with attendance this season.  Some estimates showed it to be down 17% prior to Alvarez’s arrival.  It hasn’t been a lack of effort in the front office as you will read in Altoona Mirror’s beat writer Mr. Cory Giger’s story here.   The team had bottomed out at 23 games under 500 earlier this year.  Last week, the team suffered it’s worst ever defeat, a 19-2 drubbing.

 The Curve do a tremendous job in attracting and retaining fans.  We are proud of the effort the Lozniak family has done after purchasing the team.    They have made some savvy decisions this season to draw people to the BCP, hell, companies can even rename Blair County Ballpark with one current promotion. 

The bottom line is the team needs to win to draw fans.

And the Curve are showing some strides toward improving on one of the worst records in minor league baseball.  Alvarez and the club are starting to heat up with all nine starters reaching base Friday.  Check out the story with picture of Alvarez.  With team MVP Joel Pacheco getting promoted to AAA Indy last week, the club is looking for a new leader.  And a new power hitter to replace the nine homers Pacheo hit thus far this season to lead the Curve.

We know just the guy for that job.

When Alvarez comes back from his time in the spotlight next week, the Curve need to get hot.  The great franchise known as the Altoona Curve needs Alvarez right now.  The Pirates will patiently wait their turn.