Is Sano Really A Sophomore?


Miguel Angel Sano has been one of the ongoing stories this year for the Pirates.  The source on all things surrounding Sano has been’s Jorge Arangure.  He tweets that we will know at the end of the week if Sano is 16 when MLB concludes the investigation.

What is your take on this subject?  Have the Pirates backed themselves into a corner?  Is he taking the birth certificate of his brother?

What happens if the Pirates don’t sign him?  Most of us believed the draft factored Sano into the picture.  We also believed all of the stories about the Pirates doing the background work to learn his age.

Another point to consider…It’s not like any players on the Venezuelan Summer League Pirates signed for big money and they are dominating.  They sit atop the league standings and Check out the stats including the stud shortstop Jorge Bishop who doesn’t wear a glove?  16 errors.  Ugh.

But what message does this send if the number climbs over $4million?  Pretend you’re the owner of the Pirates, you know you have always wanted to, would you sign him for $4mill?  $5mill?

And what if he isn’t 16?  Do the Pirates sign him anyway and wait for the suspension to lift?  Doubt it.  Hell, I don’t know how that even works.  The town will be buzzing either way on this one, if he’s not 16 how much time was wasted by the organization?  If he is 16, the pressure is on to get his autograph.

Although nobody at Rumbunter, like most, have never seen him play, it certainly feels like the most important Pirates autograph since Pedro Alvarez.