Nelly Dominates All-Star Legends & Celebrity Softball Game


Nelly was the star at the All-Star Legends & Celebrity Softball game doing his best Andrew McCutchen impersonation.  The rapper once was once believed to be in line to become a pro ball player with the Pirates or Braves organization.  We can tell.  He ripped a two-run home run to the power alley in right center field, made an excellent sliding catch and even threw ten feet over the catcher. 

Nelly was the co-MVP with first baseman Bobby Knight.

Also in the video link below is a Vince Coleman homerun off former Pirate Rich Gossage.  Heh GOOSE, it must have been the Yankees hat….

 Jersey Chaseralways has all the best photos including this one. 

Joe Holleman also has a nice shot of the catch

Thanks to ThirdBoss for sending over the video from SteeltownK of Hitler’s reaction to the Lastings Milledge/Joel Hanrahan Trade.*Enter

Also SteeltownK posted this after the video…Take note that this video has nothing to do with my personal opinion. I agree wholeheartedly with a full-scale rebuild, and I agree that Sanchez, LaRoche and Wilson are all likely to be traded soon. This is all for comedic purposes.

Funny stuff SteeltownK.

Not funny was the same position Freddy Sanchez always takes in his interview.  Once again yesterday, he mentioned the same line we have heard over and over again from Sanchez, he would like to finish his career as a Pirate.

And when asked about what will likely be his last All-Star appearance as a Pirate, “You never want anything to be your last,” he said. “That doesn’t get in the back of my head at all. I consider Pittsburgh my home. Although I got drafted by Boston, I never really got to play up there much. I got traded over early enough to where I consider this my home. To be able to represent the fans of Pittsburgh and the organization, that means a lot to me. That’s real special to me.”

And you’re real special as well Freddy.  We mean it.  Read about the All-Star Pirates here.