Pirates Sales Team Give Yourselves A Raise–Attendance Up!


The Pirates sales team have increased attendance 2.4%.  Congratulations!  At a time when ”flat is the new up” in the corporate offices throughout America, the Pirates have set a new standard.


Good Lord, what is next?  Will they perform miracles during the seventh inning stretch?  I believe this has nothing to do with a miracle, but more to do with hard work, countless phone calls, working late at the game, and an outstanding preseason effort.

Seriously, in the midst of two heart ripping trades to the Pirate faithful, the sales team increased their numbers?!

Heh NUTTING, buy the gang a drink! Hell, put a keg in each of their cubicles. This is great leadership by whoever is responsible to keep the butts in the seats. I can only imagine what this sales team will do when the youth movement arrives over the next 18 months!

Could you imagine if Nutting stopped running print ads and had (even remotely) an online footprint? The sales team is doing this with print ads? Come on, print ads? Who are the biggest newspaper advertisers? Cars and Real Estate come to mind….hmmm….

CNBC reports on MLB attendance and the Pirates team made the teams that have attendance increase list!  Click here for the clear chart>> in this report. 

If the Pirates Sales Office keep this up, Nutting will have them giving sales classes during the offseason.  Hell, Sign me up, my numbers are down, way down.

Bud Selig’s three nameless advisors said we have one of the best minor leagues in the game.  ok.  Read that here.

Sanchez still could go to the Giants straight up for Sanchez.  Duke to Philly for Drabek?  Read that here from John Perrotto who is at the All Star Game.