Pirates Prospect Kyle McPherson Interview Part II: Growing Up in the Shadow of Jake Peavy


The St.Paul Episcopal School in Mobile Alabama has a tremendous sports program.  The finest player in their storied history is Jake Peavy who had a 44-1 record on the mound for the Saints.  The Peavy story has Hollywood movie written all over it.  And Kyle McPherson, a St. Paul’s star student years later, paid attention to all of those athletic feats on the diamond.. 

Read this from ESPN about Peavy and you will agree with me.  It’s a great article.  Click it and read it please.  It’s the best story you will read today.


When you talk to Kyle McPherson, he exhibits those same personality traits as Peavy.  McPherson is a special talent. 

And he also had a similar mentor to Peavy’s Paw Paw.  It was his Dad.  What a job his father did in raising his family.  The Pirates Baseball Club is fortunate to have Kyle McPherson representing their ballclub.

Kyle shared his story in the most humble manner as the State College Spikes bus wound through the Allegheny Mountains on Tuesday.  The Spikes were headed to Tri-Valley and the teams confidence was high.  Rightfully so.  The team has made a complete turnaround from last season. 

Kyle McPherson has a lot to do with that turnaround.  For the Spikes he has thrown 28.2 innings and fanned 25 batters while walking two.  He was equally impressive with the West Virginia Power where he threw 51 innings, struck out 32 and walked six. This season, McPherson has pitched  79.2 innings with 57 strikeouts and just eight walks.  His WHIP is 1.17.

So the obvious question was about his control.  It’s impressive.  Especially on a Pirates club littered with pitchers who issue walks to lead off innings, walks in crucial situations, walks, walks, walks. 

“I tell you sir, I have always had control, thanks to my Dad.”  And then the story began…..

Kyle’s dad nailed an old rubber mat about three foot by three foot and spray painted it.  ”Dad always told me, ‘pitch to a spot’  and I have been doing that for years.”  He continued to speak of his Dad as a proud son and finished with, ”we would always work on it and after a while it allowed me to develop a good release point.”

Yeh.  Now that’s modesty.

Kyle answers the questions thoughtfully and uses the word sir at the end of each sentence.  Mothers and Fathers across the country dream of their sons one day riding a minor league bus chasing down the dreams of youth.  Some dream of their son being as successful while being so downright humble. 

Kyle is living that dream.  I could tell he absolutely loves it.  But he worked his tail off to get where he is in life.  His calm voice exudes his soft, southern charm, but don’t let it fool you.

Kyle McPherson is a black belt.  Twice.


 Part III tomorrow night

Battling high school baseball star, now Miami Dolphin QB, Pat White for headlines while at an interesting disadvantage…Kyle’s age. 

Yeah, the kid has brains too.