Wilson and Sanchez Don’t Want to Be Pirates


If Jack Wilson and Freddy Sanchez wanted to stay in Pittsburgh, they would have made counter offers to the Pirates through their agents.  They didn’t.  Apparently agents don’t work weekends.

A counter offer would have made the indication that they truly wanted to stay in Pittsburgh.  I don’t see it.

Pay cuts are taken by veteran players that believe in the organization.  These two players must not believe in management and don’t want to play in Pittsburgh.

I don’t think Wilson will get a better offer next year.

If your employer offered you a contract, wouldn’t you make certain you said, well I don’t like that, but I like this?  Wilson and Sanchez have agents.   Every ‘offer’ in the world has a deadline, and I applaud NH for his work on this.

Peace out fellas.  Don’t be upset when you look back on this point of your career, each of you had the opportunity to do what you have said you wanted to do, stay in Pittsburgh.

And you didn’t even make a counter offer to do so?


McCutchen’s grab on video highlights here. Nice play Jack, and ”We still have Brandon Moss,” and a not so nice play Jack.