Brewers Win 2-0; Don’t Wake Up Sleepwalking Pirates


The Pirates were all fired up to answer the emotional check mate the Brewers put on the team last night.  Build upon the first victory against the Brewers in 17 attempts.  Take on the fire of Manager JR and put another victory up in the NL Central.


Didn’t happen.

The Pirates were not fired up.  Some of the lazy swings looked like the team was sleep walking against the Brewers last night.  The Brewers did just enough to win and not wake up the sleep walkers.


Instead of putting another win up, the Pirates barely mustered offense.  Four hits.  Two for extra bases.  The team took on the more  ‘put it behind us’ attitude of Joe Kerrigan as written about in the PG.

Pitcher Virgil Vasquez kept his team in the game.  88-90 with his heater, lots of breaking stuff, good command all night long.  He went 6.2 innings gave up nine hits, issued no walks, earned four strikeouts, and gave up two earned runs. 

Virg deserved better.  He has gone at least six innings in four of his past five starts with the Pirates.  One of his earned came after getting two outs in the eighth.  John Grabow relieved The Virg and gave up the RBI single to Fielder.  Grabow is owned by Fielder.  Interesting move.

What strikes me is that an opposing player acts like he doesn’t know the name of the Pirates pitching coach, openly mocking the team to the Pittsburgh press.  Get your Dave Kerwin gear here

And just a few hours later there is barely an answer by the Pirates.  Unreal.

Jack Wilson didn’t answer the bell after a tight hammy from an exceptional play last night kept him out of the lineup.  The team had plenty of awful plate appearances, the check swing by 1B LaRoche with two men on base, warning track power by ”At Least We Still Have Brandon Moss.”

Ok, I’m done.

Despite all the poor play, we lost two-zip.  Frustrating.

Some nice defensive highlights in the Pirates video here.  Young’s nice grab to rob Cryin Ryan Braun in the ninth inning.   The Virg keeps the ball in the infield and he is rewarded by the defense of 3B LaRochecombine with a nice play.


Paul Maholm will make his 20th start of the season today in the business man’s sepcial 12:35 start.  He pitches awfully well at home with a 3-1 record and a 2.52ERA in eight starts at PNC Park.  He got a no decision in his last start; a 2-1, 14-inning victory by the Bucs over the Giants last Friday.  (8IP/4h/1r/0er/0bb/7k)

AAA Indy pulled out a 2-1 victory with the help of Lastings Milledge and Brian Bixler, Brian Myrow

Indianapolis Bottom 9th

  • Pitcher Change: Dale Thayer replaces Julio DePaula.
  • Shelby Ford flies out to right fielder Matt Joyce.
  • Chris Barnwell grounds out, second baseman Henry Mateo to first baseman Chris Richard.
  • Brian Bixler doubles (20) on a fly ball to left fielder Jon Weber.
  • Lastings Milledge singles on a soft ground ball to third baseman Elliot Johnson. Brian Bixler to 3rd.
  • Brian Myrow singles on a ground ball to right fielder Matt Joyce. Brian Bixler scores. Lastings Milledge to 2nd.