Freddy Sanchez: Just Level with Pirates Fans. Get it Done or Be Gone.


Freddy Sanchez has been quite the player for the Pittsburgh Pirates.  He is having another solid season as the Bucs second baseman.  He is hitting 303 against righties, 333 against lefties and a solid 315 (23 for 73) with RISP.

He has 31 hits in his last 96 at bats.  His last homer was off Jeff Suppan at PNC Park on May 5.

Remember that, because you read it here that Sanchez will be gone in a few days.

Knowing that answer can get you a drink at your watering hole when you stump your whining man crush buddies. (Remember how sad they were when McLouth was traded?  It’s an opportunity to strike ladies and gentlemen, and we just gave you the ammo)

He is just 13 hits shy of 800 in his career and seven RBI shy of 300 for the second ranked defensive NL second basemen with a 995 fielding percentage.

And guess what the Pirates have done with all of these great statistics?  Guess what the Pirates have done with all of his defensive gems?

Freddy is sticking to his story, but he added one word that makes my skin crawl.  See if you can find it in this quote about his willingness to still retire as a Pittsburgh Pirate:

“We are definitely ready to still negotiate,” the second baseman said. “My goal is still to stay in Pittsburgh and hopefully stay here for my career and play here. That hasn’t changed. I’m still willing to negotiate this thing out.”


Who controls whether one accepts a contract?  One person and one person alone.  Freddy Sanchez does.

Freddy if you don’t like the deal just say it man.  Enough with the quotes, get something done or let it be known.  And do us a favor, tell Neil to his face.

Pirates GM Neil Huntington admitted that he offered you too much money with your $8million option for 600 at bats.  That was his fault, not yours.  If NH doesn’t like it too bad.  But if you truly want to be a Pirate, well what the hell is the hold up?

I get the feeling you don’t want to be here after I read that quote.  I can’t blame you.

We know what you hopefully want to get done, now please, get it done or get gone.  We have some winning to do here in this town.

If you really want to stay here, one person can make that happen.   You.

Freddy, let the fine folks at Rumbunter assist you.  We know that you don’t want to be here.  Most fans understand that.  Just tell them.  Sound off a little bit and either sign on the line or move along, just don’t give the Pirate fans false hope.

Pirate fans have had enough of that in Pittsburgh to last two lifetimes.