Pirate Garrett Jones NL Player of the Month?


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That’s right the Pittsburgh Pirates have the player of the month.  Garrett Jones has been a freak, a terror to oppossing pitchers, and everyone saw it coming right?

Well, no.  The Rumbunter team was impressed by him in spring training.  Some of you called it a man crush after watching a few spring training games.  Garrett Jones has proven everyone wrong.

He was drafted by the Braves system in 1999.  The Braves never miss right?  Wrong.  Well, wrong at the time.  Jones flunked out of rookie ball and the Twins grabbed him in 2002.  He had made it to AA two years later despite not having impressive numbers.

Maybe the Twins saw what we did?  Jones  just looks impressive.

The move looked pure genius.  Jones hit 30 dingers with the Twins AA affliate in New Britian.  For the past three years, he never made it higher than AAA and never had an OPS higher than .812.

On the Sunday gameday coverage today, Jones said, ”the Pirates really made a move for me and made me feel wanted.”

Nice work Pirates evaluators.  Nice work.

Everyone knows what Jones has done.  His torrid pace has left each of us thrilled with his performance.  His ten homers are much needed on a team that a few weeks ago was dying for power.  (Make no mistake the Pirates desperately need more) Sure, nine of his blasts are solo shots, but is that really the fault of Jones?

He has hit homers when we need them.  At a time when we need them.

He has a career best BB to K ratio going, albeit a tiny sample.  But who even expected this much?  His OBP stands at .396 and he is slugging (are you sitting down?) a gaudy .798.

Jones also isn’t afraid to swipe a base as was evident with his fourth SB in four tries yesterday.  What doesn’t the kid do?  He runs extremely well for his size.  I know he has swiped a few fans hearts this past month and in a season destined to go down in history, Jones has taken every opportunity to give us more to look forward to in the future.