Pirates Steve Pearce Has A New Eminem Theme Song


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Do you think Pirates 1B Steve Pearce can reach super stardom?  Or will he be cold product?  When he walks to the plate in Pittsburgh Friday night against the Nats, I trust he will go to the archive of Eminem motivational songs.  Lose Yourself Steve Pearce.

If you came here thinking this was the Steve Pearce for US Senate website. Sorry. Or if you are looking for Lea Fishing tools operated by Steve Pearce. Not it. This is the site about Steve Pearce seizing everything he ever wanted in professional baseball. He is not a household name like those other Steve Pearce search results.  This Steve Pearce is trying to capture  his stardom.  He looks ready to drop bombs for the Pittsburgh Pirates.


Pearce is on the clock right now. In a season full of surprises, he was the one player nobody really mentioned that often.

Steve Pearce was the forgotten player in a forgettable organization.  But why?

Pirates fans knew of his talent, but after watching him struggle against the soft stuff, most didn’t count him among the future. He certainly wasn’t the first choice for the void at first base after LaRoche was sent to Boston to hit homeruns.

There is a player on the Pirates named Garrett Jones.  He plays first base too.  Pearce could learn from him, Jones has seized his opportunity.  He kept grinding.  Got a shot and blew it wide open and planted himself in the middle of Player of the Month discussions.  Jones seized his opportunity.  But Jones can play outfield quite well.  Pearce can’t.  Hence, Pearce gets his shot at first base.

This opportunity comes once in a lifetime.

He has shown the ability

to produce at a high level in each layer of the minor leagues.  Pirate Player of the Year, great stats, solid glove work……you know the rest.

But in the Major Leagues, well, he hasn’t been booed offstage, evident by the Pirates giving him this exclusive opportunity to seize the first base position, but he hasn’t dazzled either. All Pearce needs to do is, as Eminem says, ‘seize the opportunity.’

With the talent in the system building this maybe the only opportunity he gets. He has had at least one hit in each of his three games since being called up.  Pearce has gone 4-for-11 and has walked twice, but struck out four times.  He looks calm and ready.

Success is your only option Steve Pearce. Failure is not. You are only going to get this one shot to be the Pirates first baseman. Better never let it go.  Opportunity comes once in a lifetime.

You only get one shot to blow…you can do anything you set your mind to man.  (Turn it up….)