Pirates Tigers Trade Heating Up?


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Do any of the Pirates on the trading block really want to leave Pittsburgh?  If they want to stick around  it shows in their performance.  Matt Capps.  Another rough outing.  Freddy just walk up to the plate without a bat and see how it works.  Paul Maholm, Ian Snell, the list goes on and on of Pirates who are forcing the Bucs to look at selling low.

The Bay, Nady and Marte deal were good because each player was having a banner year.   The Pirates sold high on each player.

We took a shot at a trade rumor that could get some legs.  The Tigers need a 2B, well, among other things.  Perhaps a LH pitcher as well.

Could Toledo Mud Hen 2B Scott Sizemore be coming to Pittsburgh?  The Virginia Commonwealth product has hit well in the minors as you see here, some Detroit blogs deem him untouchable.

Could Sizemore, the current Toldedo Mudhen be playing second for the Pirates?  A scout is said to have been watching the major league talent and the minors have been hawked since last week as well.

If it’s the Tigers on Friday who take Freddy Sanchez, be certain to get Sizemore thrown into the mix NH.  He has hit .296 in the minors and has been named to Baseball America’s best hitter for average in the Tigers System.   I know you are already on it.

But of course the big name for the Tigers youth is RHP Rick Porcello that we must have.  Do what you need to fellas, but we need to get an arm on this deal no matter what pitcher you give up from the Bucs.

Grab one of those power pitchers the Tigers have too NH.

2014  is fast approaching and after watching the Virg get smacked around as the Pirates were shutout, for the league leading eleventh time yesterday, it’s obvious we can’t have enough pitching stockpiled.

Brent Cleven hit three homers against Indy recently.  Read his highlights here.

Now Freddy Sanchez.  Can you bust out of this slump this week?  Please.  Come on 0-for-20 or something, nine strikeouts?

The Tigers have some talent, but is limited and scattered around the system  after the fire sale to win the Series failed.

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