What Pirate Scout Gets Promoted for Stealing Garrett Jones from the Twins?


Garrett Jones was loved in the Minnesota Twins organization, just not by the right people.  How else do the Twins explain not calling Jones up last September?  So who on the Pirates staff found Garrett ‘Freakin’ Jones on the scrap heap, made him feel welcome, and sold him on the Pirates?  

Who made Jones feel ‘wanted’ as he mentioned in the pregame show yesterday?  Someone on Neil Huntington’s team is smiling like all of those Giants fans were smiling last night.

We have learned that Twins farm director Jim Rantz tried to sign him in the offseason, but Jones wanted to go elsewhere.  It probably had something to do with being snubbed in September.

Jones is all over the minor league record books for the Twins.  He played hard, burnt no bridges, and yet….

Whoever made that decision to piss off Jones, thank you.  The Pirates love the Twins front office.

Now, let’s focus on what you should know about Jones.

Twins manager Ron Gardenhire is happy for Jones, ” good for him, it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.”

You should know that Jones had female fans in Minnesota as we discovered by reading this post from July 2.  [Oh it’s THOSE Girls]

 Most Minnesota fans remembered Jones for hitting a ball so hard that he broke Michael Cuddyer’s foot.  Cuddyer was on an injury rehab and the Twins were counting on him for their playoff push after his expected three day rehab was finished.   [read it here in the Minnesota Star Tribune. ]

Some say Jones was blocked at first base and in the crowded Minnesota outfield.   So we took a look at the Minnesota [team stats. ]  Nobody on the Twins bench looks like they can hit, so who made that call? 

You should also know that the fantasy baseball insiders from ESPN believe that Jones is for real too.  [ESPNInsider]

 The Democrat Chronicle did the best job of giving the background on Jones in this story.  [Former Red Wing on Hot Streak with Pirates]

The most hilarious comment we found on Jones was at the outstanding blog by Joe Christensen (yes, that guy who did such a great job on the Baltimore Sun staff). 

The comment was by IOWA FAN…”isn’t Garrett Jones payment enough for Freddy Sanchez ?” 

As you read about Jones, it is great to hear so many people are happy for the 28-year old rookie.  That says something.  So does the way he plays baseball.

Remember that tough loss to the Phillies?  Remember who had their head on the dugout rail when most of the other players were already in the shower?

Yeh, you are right.  It was Jones.

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Last night, Jones had trouble matching his homer off Cy Young winner Tim Lincecum from July 18.  His play in the field was also off his normal performance as well.  Perhaps it was the fact he was not the NL Player of the Week? Ah, just kidding.  The Pirates were no match for Tim Lincecum last night until the sixth inning. 

Jones got his 16th RBI on a groundout to first and the Pirates worked two hits and an error into two runs.  Their first and only runs of the game and the first runs in two and a half games.

After the sixth inning, Lincecum continued to dominate for the Giants and finished with 15 strikeouts as the Giants won 4-2.

Just look at Delwyn Young flash that leather at second.