Lastings Milledge Are You Ready to Rap with Jo Dee Messina this Weekend?


Lastings Milledge continues to impress the Pirates.  Do you want to see Milledge on stage with Jo Dee Messina at PNC Park this Saturday?  Most of the Pirates fans would settle for just seeing him on the field playing. Not singing.  But if both were to happen PNC Park would be sold out.

Milledge has done everything the Pirates have asked and not asked him to do.  Could he be the delicious surprise the Pirates have been waiting for all  season?

Messina will be performing in a post game concert Saturday night.  Milledge knows a little bit about the music business.  Why not let him jump up on stage with notable Pirate guitar player Evan Meek and really get PNC rocking?

Back on the diamond, it’s not like Milledge could possibly hurt the team.  If the Pirates don’t find some offense soon, it will be a painful final two months.  The Pirates have scored two or fewer runs in five of their past eight games.  Meanwhile Milledge has hit .341 with an .899OPS since the All-Star Break in AAA Indy.  He might even be able to solve the Pirates road problems as his away from Indy .455 average and 1.082 OPS suggests.

If Milledge doesn’t get the call to the majors, we can’t say we will be surprised.  The Pirates have said there is no rush to bring him up.  Many take that to mean, no rush to win this year.  In fact, Messina’s lyrics could hit home with some of the Pirates fans who have such disdain for the current ownership,  check out this line from ‘My Give a Damn’s Busted’….WELL YOU FILLED UP MY HEAD WITH SO MANY LIES YOU’VE TWISTED MY HEART ‘TIL SOMETHING SNAPPED INSIDE I’D LIKE TO GIVE IT ONE MORE TRY BUT, MY GIVE A DAMN’S BUSTED.

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Follow the Rumbunter plan

Buccos…Get him to PNC Park ASAP.  And let Evan and him sing with Jo Dee.  A sellout is a guarantee.


We were checking out Is This Thing On?  and discovered Milledge is arriving early to work on his footwork.   He is working extra with the strength and conditioning coach.  Extra BP.  When the Pirates complete the before and after the deadline trades, surely we can expect Milledge to be at PNC Park sometime.  Don’t you just hope it will be this weekend?

Reading this over from last night Sandlot Swashbuckler wrote about Milledge and his defense.  It  makes me look forward to the day when it all comes together—

"Indians’ Defensive Gems of the Game:  Lastings Milledge (photo) made two excellent catches in left field.  In the bottom of the 3rd, Milledge made a long run and an over-the-shoulder back-handed catch on a fly ball.  In the bottom of the 7th, he made a running back-handed catch and then crashed into the left field wall."

Miller breaks down the newest Pirate fifth round pick and soon to be State College Spike Nate Baker here.  Baker is a tall lefthander with improved velocity 92mph, 69 strikeouts against 16 walks also helps.  If you look at the link, notice the improvement over the sophomore season at UMiss.

Also check out these pictures on the always well done Scott McCauley’s blog  here , Tom Gorzelany looks in great shape and has been pitching very well at Indy.  I am just not sure about his fantasy football knowledge, the Bears?  Come on Tom…

Look at that line to get Lastings autograph.  WOW.   More proof our idea to fill the Park for the Bucs and  Jo Dee Messina will be a smashing success.  Woooo Whooo!  Get your cowboy hat on girl ‘n jump in the truck, a delicious surprise is waiting…