Bay, Nady, McLouth: “The Best Outfield in MLB…” a Year Later.


Jason Bay, Xavier Nady, and Nate McLouth were what Pirate fans called the most powerful outfield in baseball.  At last night’s game, we heard it countless times.  It certainly was true last year wasn’t it?  Pirate fans preached it over and over again.

So, let’s take a look at how these three players are doing this year.

Gulp.  Hold on I will be right back.


How did the Pirates front office ever give up on these All-Star,  these elite level players?

Bay is hitting an impressive .252.  His last homer was June 24.  Bay crushed the ball to the tune of a .192 average in July.  His numbers are posted here

Over the Monster had this to sayabout Jason Bay.

"Jason Bay, for all his effort, has managed .254/.380/.500, and that was before tonight’s 0-4 1BB performance.  For all the crap Manny took in the field his UZR/150 last year was a slightly below average -3.2, Bay’s this year is -11.1, and it was -18.2 last year."

Nate McLouth is hitting right where he always does….in the trash can.  Read it here.  Nate has six homers and 19 RBI for the Braves.  How many does the Pirates centerfielder have again? 

McLouth’s fielding is the graph of the day at this post.  Enough said about Nate.

Xavier Nady.  Well if you want to check it out here it is.

Start a new argument please, that one is dead.  They are who we thought they were. Hit the music.