NL Rookie of Year Showcase: Pirates McCutchen vs Rockies Fowler


Andrew McCutchen continues to dominate in his rookie year for the Pittsburgh Pirates.   Since getting the call from the Pirates at his Indianapolis apartment on June 3, McCutchen has been clutch.  Dexter Fowler has done the same for the playoff contending Rockies all season long despite a mid season slump.

The 22-year old McCutchen replaced

Nate McLouth as Pittsburgh’s starting centerfielder and has made an immediate impact.  He now is firmly entrenched in an against the odds race for NL Rookie of the Year honors.

Fowler has made an immediate impact as well.  Fowler got a jump start as most of the NL ROY candidates did on Cutch, starting the season in April, when he hit .290 and stole nine bases.  Fowler struggled in May, June and July, but is hitting .435 in August.

Fowler has been on a terror of late with ten hits in his past seven games.  He has 26 stolen bases which is third in the NL.  Fowler also has 342 at bats in 103 games.  McCutchen has  243 at bats in 58 games.

Dexter Fowler video highlights are here.  He has a knack for clutch hitting, and his arm is special watch him gun down Jimmy Rollins…or does Rollins get his hand on the bag first?

Andrew McCutchen video highlights are here.  He has a knack for clutch hitting and has six outfield assists both of which are highlighted in the video, but during this series, please steal a few bases Cutch.

Among all NL rookies Cutch has some work to do to catch up.

McCutchen ranks fourth in batting .292

McCutchen ranks fourth in RBI with 32

McCutchen ranks fourth in total bases with 118

McCutchen ranks second in slugging percentage .486

Of course the ROY race is far from a two horse race, but between these two players, Rumbunter loves Cutch.  I do wonder however, how much a factor players like Fowler will have on the voters if the Rox make the playoffs.  What if Happ with the Phillies continues his dominance?  Who do you like for ROY…let us know.