A Visit to the Nationals Locker Room

WE BROKE IN! Pirates fans will be interested in what we found in the Nats locker room after a recent break in to see if Nyjer Morgan and Sean Burnett were doing ok.

Fansided does not endorse breaking and entering, but this was hilarious to say the least….Enjoy

NATS BULLETIN BOARD CAPTION: Washington Nationals playa Lastings Milledge was picked up by Melbourne police for questioning in a case of impersonating an outfielder. Milledge was later released on bond and advised by Judge Richard Fitzell to remain in Brevard County until a trial date can be set.

The Nats Bulletin Board had hilarious, high quality, well written pictures and quotes.

FYI: Tony Plush chews Wolf and still has his LaRoche UA hunting shirt/ batting practice shirt in his locker (along with a Georgetown hat.)

Nyjer's fan mail

Sean "Joey Porter" Burnett puts on his shoulder pads here

Sean apparently reads this message on the top of his locker for motivation, it was by Robert Kennedy, ''only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.'' hmmmm...just as long as you can fail greatly against the Pirates, we will be happy



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