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Why Isn’t Kent Tekulve a Pitching Coach for the Pirates?


Kent Tekulve should be the bullpen coach of the Pirates.  I know what you’re thinking, but trust me, think this job through for just a moment.  We mean no offense to the current bullpen coach Luis Dorante but the Pirates are being owned in the eighth inning Coach! 

The Pirates have allowed  75 runs in the eighth inning, the most runs allowed in any inning this season.  Check it out here.

Luis was a catcher during his playing days and has been a successful coach in his career.

But his resume doesn’t match that of the Rubber Band Man, Kent Tekulve.

Hell, Joe Kerrigan and John Russell can’t match Teke’s resume either.  Not many could.

The Pirates absolutely need a pitcher to teach their bullpen pitchers.  A pitcher who has been given the ball in the tight ballgames.  A relief pitcher who has been given the ball on the biggest of stages with the entire world watching for 16 seasons in the major leagues.  

I heard one of the audio recaps of the the famous last out of the 1979 World Series this weekend.  Right before Teke induced the flyout to right centerfield that Omar Moreno clinched for the Pirates to win the World Series, Tekulve was called ‘weary.’  Teke was the workhorse back then as he often entered games in the seventh inning to close them out.  And Tekulve was great at closing ball games.

Tekulve was often called a scarecrow because of his appearance.  Do you think he suffers from a lack of respect?  How else do you explain it?  If you even take a brief  look at his career stats from baseball reference you will be impressed.  Several stats jump out at the reader, his lifetime WHIP.  ERA.  Hits vs IP. 

Why in the world is Tekulve spending his time at FSN answering the nightly ‘Ask Teke’ questions from yinzers like me?  Shouldn’t he be coaching up the bullpen of the Pittsburgh Pirates?

Tekulve is the President of the Pirates Alumni Association and did an outstanding job this weekend getting the team back together for the reunion of the 1979 team.  Willie Stargell would certainly have given you a star for that Teke.  What an incredible few days at PNC Park.

Is it too much to ask for a few more from Tekulve?

Joe Kerrigan has done a nice job.  Perry Hill has done a nice job.  Luis Dorante, sorry man, you have not done a nice job.  It’s time for the Pirates to have a coach on the roster with connections to championships, connections to a true culture of winning.

The last time the Pirates won the ultimate prize, Tekulve was in uniform.  Do you think it is time to get him back in the uniform and not just for a few days in spring training?

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