Cash for Clunkers Pirate Style


A quick look at a few Pittsburgh Pirates that we are glad are off the lot.

Ian Snell  $3.2 million.  Whew.  Seattle is trying to figure out what is wrong under the hood with this one.  After I read this, the Yankees are glad they didn’t pick up this gas hog as he left his new Mariners stranded by the road.  After lasting 1.1 innings, Snell said, “they didn’t swing at many pitches,” that has to be my new favorite Snell quote.  Snell has eleven strikeouts and fifteen walks since becoming a Mariner.

Eric Hinske.  The Pirates paid $1.5 million.  Hinske didn’t seem to want to be a Pirate hitting only one homer in 106 at bats with nine doubles wasn’t quite what the Pirates had in mind.  But naturally, he has hit a little better lately since he was sent to the Bronx Bombers, his stats page shows four hits in his last twelve at-bats.

Craig Monroe.  Paid $750,000.  Wow.  The ultimate all or nothing lemon.


Snell had a no-no through 4.2 last night.  Ah, make ’em shake their heads Ian, love it.   My favorite Ian Snell story is below…it relates to a certain visitor at Pirates spring training and church softball, come on, did you read this  

Is there such a thing as classic Rumbunter? Hilarious.

The Baseball’s hottest wives contest is nearing its end, make your vote count.  While you’re over there check out the Lisa Dergen video.  Good God

The Tempe whip cream party doesn’t cost Josh Hamilton his poster boy status with the Evangelicals.  Perhaps he could help the real Cool Whip maker Kraft revamp that awful logo, oh wait that is the new logo.

Outstanding, just outstanding stuff on The Chief  here from Behind The Steel Curtain.  He Stood On Higher Ground, This Date in Steeler History.  Great detail including a story about Rooney and ashtrays at Three Rivers.