Pittsburgh Pirate Contest: Under Armour Gear for You


Give Rumbunter your best Top Ten Five List which explains why the Pittsburgh Pirates are 35-29 at PNC Park? 

Seriously, what is it?  The smokin hot ladies like Ashlynn Brooke, Hailey Heat, and Shay Lynn appearing at Blush   or is the team thrilled with the support from cheerleaders?  

The home cookin’ at Primantis?  Eatn’Park?

Ok, I know…so what is in this for you?  Here is the answer. Give us a top ten five (we take it so easy on you) list and we will post it on Rumbunter. 

What that’s not enough?

Ok, we will include some sweet Under Armour gear, what else would you want?

You can either email me the top five list or submit it for all to see with a comment below.  Send a picture of yourself, but only if you’re hot.

If your not hot and you  must send me your picture steal somebody else’s picture for God’s sake we don’t tolerate ugliness on this site.

We promise we will give you cool gear as well as making you famous.  Well, sorta.

If you win, your list will be posted on September 8 by 10pm.