What is Happening In Pittsburgh? Pirates Beat Phillies 3-2 with Garrett Jones HR.


The New Bucs win again.  We all want something beautiful, and tonight at PNC Park was beautiful. Garrett Jones has thrust himself into the Rookie of the Year discussion.  Jones hit his 15th homerun of the season off fellow ROY candidate JA Happ in the eighth inning.  Jones ensured the Pirates would steal this game and the series from the Champions of the World. 

We all want Jones to be a big star.  WE all want something beautiful.  Sha la la yeh!  Oh ho.  Show me some of that Spanish dance, pass me a bottle Mr. Jones.  We all want you to be big big stars…Believe in me…Sorry that is a great song.  More later when a put up that great Counting Crows song, Mr. Jones below.

So how do we explain the Pittsburgh Pirates 35-29 record at PNC Park?

Is Andrew McCutchen the next Rickey Henderson?  He hit his third leadoff homerun of his brief rookie season.

The Pirates have the fewest errors in the majors?

How can you explain all these Pirates youngsters taking two of three from the World Champion Philadelphia Phillies?

Frank has the youngest team in baseball on the diamond in Pittsburgh.  So why isn’t this team disappearing in August like former Pirates teams, the Pirates finished a 7-2 homestand, what is happening?

Can someone tell me what Vick did tonight?  We missed it.

Ahh…I smell a top ten list coming soon about this.  You know what…it is going to be an Under Armour Contest.

Charlie Morton was so close to being dominant.  106 pitches.  He threw 80 pitches through four innings.  We were worried.

Morton finished with six strikeouts, six innings pitched, nine baserunners, two earned runs.  His ERA is now 5.00.

How about Denny Bautista.   28 walks last year.  More hits than IP in his career.  Where did this come from tonight?  Bautista painted white hot heat.  95-96 mph tonight over his two innings pitched.  Perfection.  Bautista needs coached up to continue this performance.  Who will provide it?

Matt Capps.  WOW.  Sure, he looks heavy and is struggling with his worst season by far as a professional.  Great save tonight Bull Rider.

How tough is Ronny Cedeno?  Pinch hit double Wednesday.  Pinch hit single tonight.  Broken finger.  Unreal.

Garrett Jones and Andrew McCutchen could cancel each other for Rookie of the Year?  Good God what is happening in Pittsburgh???


The big question, can the Bucs carry this success to the road?  Buckle up.

Kudos to Ken at ThatBall’sOuttaHere for writing this about the Pirates and being the one media outlet to not call the Pirates lowly and being able to see that these Pirates don’t give up.  Good stuff my man.

You know Ken does a stellar job covering the suddenly struggling Brewers with his Reviewing the Brew  and they gave the Bucs some credit too.  Be sure to check out his site this weekend as the Pirates visit the Brewers.  Well between your Iron’s of course.