Why is Pirate Catcher Ryan Doumit So Dreadful?


“Ryan Doumit let me introduce your ass to the bench.” We can only pray that is how Pirates manager John Russell informed Doumit of the news.

165  Any guesses what that is?  It’s not what I bowled in Santonio Holmes’ bowling benefit, no… that is what Doumit is hitting since July 29.  He is 14 for 85.  Pathetic.

Nobody knows why he was benched in the middle of the game. REALLY?? Ok, nobody can say exactly why Doumit was benched.  But I know one thing, why did it take this long?   Some say it is his attitude.  Hmmm.  The Pirates are paying you to suck at playing the game I love.  How can you possibly pout about it?


I say it’s frustration.  I also say, Doumit can hit the road.  Sorry, don’t need the drama man.  Anybody out there have a need for an underperforming, often hurt and apparently pouting catcher that should be a DH?  Anybody?

I relate it to this video from 300.  Someone tell Doumit Pittsburgh is Sparta for God’s sake, it’s the City of Champions and this slavery/losing doesn’t cut it.


>>It is amazing to me to watch the downfall of Doumit.  At just the precise time the Pirates need him to step up (Leaders Need to Step Up–Pirates.com)and lead this young team, he is failing in every facet of his game.

He has received ‘talks’ from Varsho, Russell, hell…even Tanner!  How many times are we going to talk and not walk the walk?

Doumit got put back in the lineup today and shit the bed (Again.)  Absolutely no hits in four at bats.  (Again.)

Doumit simply refuses to work the opposing pitcher for a walk.  Nine walks in 191 AB this season.

In the seventh inning yesterday, Jason Kendall stole two bases within three minutes on Ryan and Chris Bootcheck.  Kendall should have been dead at third, but Ryan couldn’t get the ball out of his hand.  It is hard to thow a runner out when that happens.

Doumit was a topic on Rocco’s show yesterday as well.  Doumit hits into double plays at a 33% rate.  The average major leaguer has an 11 percent rate.

Doumit was a player I truly enjoyed watching for a long time.  He makes me wince now.  I don’t like wincing.

Everything you want to know about Doumit is on his unoffical page here with his official theme music.  Ryan’s official page is here on the Pirates site.

>>>Andrew McCutchen has a 12 game hitting streak.  He is good.

>>>Lastings Milledge is hitting over .350 in the past seven games.  God, if he gets comfortable and….nevermind I am excited now.

>>>Brewers hitting coach Dale Sveum had a great quote in the Pirate radio pregame. “We don’t have a lot of high maintenance guys that…spend a lot of time in the batting cage. Prince never comes to cage or does anything extra. Prince takes his BP and that is it.”

And they still kick our ass every game in Milwaukee. It is insanity that the Pirates have lost 21 in a row at Miller Park.

>>>Pittsburgh’s own DJ Gallo shows how to write funny captions from the Little League World Series on his ESPN site here.    The Canada vs Europe scoreboard picture with caption….Winner gets free health care, loser gets free health care is hilarious.  It also gets DJ a free lifetime subscription to Rumbunter.

I trust DJ will be ok with me using his picture of the Mighty Casey.  Makes us wonder if this is what the final product will be of  Andy LaRoche and his man fuzz/mustache?

>>How fun is Michael Vick going to be this year for the Eagles? My wife, and hence my life is going to be so good this football season. The Legend of Cecilio Guante says it so well here. Like always.

>>Everything you want to know about what is left of the Reds is hereDaniel McCutchen will get his first start in game one today.  Story is here  about McCutchen who was headed to Europe with Team USA for the World Cup, but was replaced on the squad by Brad Lincoln.

Paul Maholm will throw the nightcap.  Rumbunter has some pictures of Cutch2 from spring training we will try and get posted.  (Computer is hyper slow this days?)

>>>Lawrence Timmons writes about Coach Mike Tomlin on his blog.  What can’t Timmons do?  Holy hell!  Heh, you know Mike’s Masked Maniacs will be back this season to attempt to move up from page 43 in Sports Illustrated.  You missed it?  Look at page 43 in the SI Super Bowl issue or at Nice Pick Cowher here.  Yeh, the guy in the wrestling mask?  Pretty hot huh?

>>>Tara Reid on Broke But Still Drinking.  I love this site.

>>>Everyone at Rumbunter loves the Bucs and also they love Hollywood Undead check out the website here. Our boys from LA just released the video for one of our favorite tracks. Listen to this about five times….then take the rest of the day off. Here’s an idea for this perfect day. Go buy the CD. Watch the Bucs sweep the day night double header.

>>>Go Bucs! Take two from the Red Stockings. Have a great week and as always thank you for stopping by Rumbunter.  Hit it Charlie…