Road Warriors They Aren’t: Reds Pound Pirates 11-5


The Pirates fought back last night. I know, I know.  (Help me out here, surely there is a silver lining)

After falling behind 4-0 to the Reds, the Bucs pulled to within a run until the fifth when the Red Stockings jumped on the bullpen. The Reds are looking more like the Big Red Machine rather than the Little Red Wagon we saw earlier this season in Pittsburgh.

Ahhh, the key words….. “in Pittsburgh.”

I swear this is an entirely different team on the road. So what is the opposite of a road warrior? Please someone answer me!

Charlie Morton threw 38 pitches in the first inning as the Reds jumped out to a 4-0 lead. The Reds kept adding on throughout the game.

Charlie this isn’t real good fella.  Please stop nibbling.  Sure it worked for Kip Wells last night, but take a good look at his career.

Tom Walker is an awfully proud father, especially today I bet. His son, Neil, the 2004 first round pick, and the 11th pick overall, put on a Pittsburgh Pirate jersey last night.

Neil Walker’s first at bat in the big leagues came as a pinch hitter with two outs and one runner on base in the sixth inning. Walker showed nice patience getting ahead in the count, two balls and no strikes. He would then smoke a 2-1 pitch into the hole at second.  Brandon Phillips dove, gloved the ball, and threw him out at first robbing Walker of his major league hit.

The PG’s Mike White had a nice story here on Walker, the athlete, from Pine Richland.  Cool stuff.

If 3B LaRoche continues to struggle, he is batting something awful like .093 in his last ten games I heard somewhere, will Walker see the field?  LaRoche made another great off balance throw in this video when Cutch’s throw hit the runner.  Heh, love the glove, but come on.  Hit.

Garrett Jones simply won’t stop crushing baseballs.  Like every 12 at bats?  Another two run homer makes it 17 on the season.  (Well his half season)  If you don’t think Cutch is bringing out the best out in him, you’re crazy.  The Reds killer Garrett Jones was at it again and he knocked one out of the park last night in this video   I wonder if GFJ is a golfer?

Jones is such a low ball hitter he should never swing at a ball above the waist.

Lastings Milledge continues to hit for the Bucs.  Two more last night.  Thrilledge…you have to work on bending over for those balls in the outfield.

Andrew McCutchen had four walks tonight.  He is 22 years old.   Never move him from the leadoff spot.  Ever.  Promise me.

A brand new countdown video appears below.  This guy is going to call BHO?

Listen to Episode One of Fan Sided Radio with Joe Dexter here  Michael Vick going to the Eagles is the hot topic.  Year number two of the Vick contract will be very interesting.  Vick will start the second half tomorrow for the Eagles.  Oh, by the way Joe says his favorite team is the Detroit Lions.  Poor guy.

LT might miss the Steeler opener.  Mondesis House has the scoop.  Fox would start for Timmons if he can’t go next Thursday against the Titans.

Sorry about your luck Bengals.  What a story.  Any player that management felt needed to be saddled with a ‘350 pound clause’  in the contract would not, come on, that guy would not be on my team.  (If I had a team.)

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Heh, why didn’t Maxim come to Penn State Fayette?

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