McPherson Named Spikes Pitcher of the Year


Rumbunter learned today that Kyle McPherson the big State College Spikes right hander was named Pitcher of the Year.  You will remember reading about McPherson here at Rumbunter earlier this year in a several part interview.

McPherson impressed all over the Pirates organization this year, but especially in the August stretch run.

Kyle has pitched 30 innings in five games, going six innings in each game.  He has struck out 23 batters and allowed the opposition to bat just .204.  His August ERA is 2.10.

McPherson has a 3.03 ERA and has held the opposition to a .253 average this season since joining the Spikes.  In 68 innings he has only walked ten batters while striking out 56 batters.

Make no mistake, McPherson is a bad man.  Like a couple black belts bad.  Curious if Kyle has ever met Jason Kendall.  Hmm, we will ask him as we intend to grab an interview with him in the near future.

Coaches, front office personnel, and members of the media chose McPherson as the recipient of the prestigious award for the organization.   Kyle has some great stats, but it is much more newsworthy when considering that he spent roughly half the year with the West Virginia Power.  McPherson compiled a 5-2 record with 32 strikeouts and just six walks.

The voters couldn’t consider those statistics when voting on Spikes Pitcher of the Year honors.

The future is bright Kyle.

McPherson Interview: Think Twice Before Charging the Mound Story is here.

UPDATE:  McPherson threw seven innings last night as the Spikes won 12-6.  He allowed five hits and two earned runs which dropped his ERA to 2.99 with the Spikes.   (2.56 in his last ten games)  Kyle forced seven groundball outs and 13 flyouts.

[Thanks for letting us know the scoop Bryan]