Mark Wins Under Armour Contest


Mark put together the best post on why the Bucs play so much better at PNC Park than on the road.

5. I’m in the house.  The Pirates are 9-1 when I’m in the Burgh. Wish I lived closer

4. Big Yellow- Look at this guy. Every night he busts a move regardless of the score. He’s in the old school 70’s jersey keeping score with binoculars on.

3. The Great Pittsburgh Pierogy Race N’at. They see these four and know that they need to put the beat down on people for stooping to the level of the Brewers to have race like this.

3. Iron City Beer. I have a feeling they all do power hour before the game.

2. Ken the Lemonade Man: C’mon if a guy is trying this hard to sell lemonade the pirates are going to produce.

1. Philly- They know this city is pretty much the dumpster of PA and want to provide Pennsylvanians with quality baseball. Philly is best know for a sandwich that makes people fat and losers


[The guy is 9-1 when he is at PNC?  Lord, send him 82 tickets and this shit is over!]