Jermaine Jackson Plans ’79 Pirates We Are Family Reunion Under Guise of Tribute


Jermaine Jackson was all over the news last night wasn’t he?  I read about it here in Rolling Stone.  Jermaine announced the performers for a tribute concert for his brother Michael.  Some big names…Mary J. Blige.  Chris Brown. 

Heh that’s pretty cool.

Except they aren’t coming.  But….Sister Sledge is still coming!  We couldn’t help but laugh.  If I am Jermaine, I would invite the ’79 Pirates.  Don’t forget the wives.  Hell, they could dance on the speakers!

And screw it big brother JJ, while you’re announcing artists who aren’t playing throw some big names around….Toby Keith, Nickelback, hell since Michael is playing “one last time” thanks to digitial technology, just tell ’em Elvis is playing too Jermaine.

Since many of you are huge MJ fans, here is the website for you to buy tickets which start at $91 for limited view and work there way up…Remember, THERE ARE NO REFUNDS.  Hilarious.

Sorry about all the Jackson family theater…we simply had a lot of time on our hands on the drive home from DC from the Nationals Phillies game last night.

The Nats are worse than the Pirates.  (Just keep repeating that Pirate fans)

Sean Burnett still wears his hat sideways.  He battled on the mound and stranded two runners without a run.  It was enjoyable for the Nats who battled back, but….they blew it.

Remind me one more time why Adam Dunne signed with the Nats?

Hence, the Bryce Harper sweepstakes continues.

Pirates swept again.  Pride.  Passion.  Patience.

Pirate fans have an immediate seat in heaven, because patience is a virture.

The Lynchburg Hillcats are pretty loaded with prospects.  They were fortunate enough to grab a few players on other Pirates clubs in the minors, but it wasn’t enough last night as they dropped their first game in the playoffs 7-1.  Here is the Hillcats website.

Can’t help but wonder about team chemistry when the Pirates pulled this plan to load up the team.  Curious how the old starters feel about this tactic?