Pirates, Team USA, McPherson Invite to Instructional League Grab the Friday Lead at Rum Bunter


 Rum Bunter is proud to announce we spoke with State College Spikes Pitcher of the Year, Kyle McPherson today.  We will have all the details from his outstanding season in this Monday’s Rum Bunter.  What a story this guy was for the Spikes down the stretch. 

PS-McPherson has received an invite to the Instructional League.


Team USA lost a heartbreaker last night as they defend the World Cup title.  The pitching staff allowed nine walks.  A grand slam in the eleventh inning blew it for Team USA who playes Germany tomorrow.  Brad Lincoln allowed one run in five innings.  Here is the Team USA siteThe story is here.


The Lynchburg Hillcats won tonight 1-0 behind the pitching of Rudy Owens and three relievers.  The pitchers  blanked the Blue Rocks last night to even the series at one.  Here are the best  links. They are provided from NewBucs.com


Hyzdu HQ takes a look at the first base position for the Pittsburgh Pirates in this post.


After watching the Nationals play last night, well I guess I could believe Jim Riggleman claiming that baseball isn’t a taxing sport in this article.  Leave it to the Big League Stew Crew to get the scoop from numerous blogs in this post.  An insightful take on the worst team in baseball.  Heh, Riggs, bunt him over last night kid. 


This is a great softball team post that you will love, even if your not on a softball team right now.  I know that you were on a team at one time.  These  these people were the ones that you despised.  Enjoy this precious time of reflection from Holy Taco here.

And while I’m on my knees giving up links for the Holy Taco, here are 25 awesome vanity plates.


Snoop playing pool with Steelers from Mondesis House. After he was pictured with the Titans earlier today, we are calling bullshit on Snoop Double D. O. G. G. Here is the link  Or is Snoop like we all were in eighth grade?


Troy played like a madman for 17 minutes last night…is this why?

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Enjoy Friday.  Thanks for stopping by Rum Bunter.  How about that Big Ben?