Quick Dump: Kimbo Gets His Gun? Mark Madden Video King! Look Out Max Starks!


The Cincy player that all of us will be looking out for is on the defense. His name….Odom. He gained thirty pounds in the offseason.  That’s a LOT of Peanut Butter and Jelly every night.  Seven Sacks for Odom.  Two Sacks for Steelers (the team)[So About this Antwan Odom Guy. DC Steeler Nation]

So the other Odom, Lamar, is marrying Khloe Kardashian.  They had a bacherlor/bacherlotte party ( together.)  Weak.   Lamar is skipping his stag party?  He is going to STK?   My wife and I saw the Kardashian’s there back in January. Sure it’s a great steakhouse.  Cool place, but that is not  a place for a stag party?  COME ON MAN!  [National Ledger]

This is funny too. Odom knows what he likes…. [Sportsby Brooks]

To all the lady fans of Rum Bunter who have been on my shit, here you go.  A dose of hotness the 2009-10 NHL Atlantic Division Hotness issue which features Kris Letang.  Ladies, you will love this post.  And maybe some of you men too, nothing wrong with that  [Ladies…]

Mr 14 Point Ohhhh grabs all the best video.  Ric Flair for the NC lottery.  Mr. Herb Brooks pre-game speech delivered by a what.. four year old?  And of course, all the protestors for the G20, I mean the Pens rallies that broke out.  [Mark Madden]

So Kimbo Slice sucks at MMA.  He can punch, but when he gets on the mat, gets put in an arm bar (come on, an arm bar?) he doesn’t want to tap out, he gets twisted up a little bit, goes and gets a gun….what?  huh?  [Cagewriter]  Kimbo fights Wednesday night on Spike against Big Country Brad Eldred Roy Nelson  here is the preview  [Bloody Elbow]