RAWthlisberger: Another Outstanding Performance on WWE.


Ben Roethlisberger knows a few things about being a great host.  In a crowd with Eagles, Steelers, and even Ravens fans, Ben pleased everyone last night on WWE Raw by bringing out twelve beautiful ladies to start the show with the first ever Diva Bowl.

Here is the link to the videos from the show.  [WWE]

Roethlisberger sounded a little nervous early in the show, but quickly recovered for a relaxed, often hilarious job as host.

When Big Ben came out to take the stage he was interupted by the entrance music of the WWE Tag team champions who then confronted Ben in the ring. Chris Jericho and The Big Show are the heels of Raw. Jericho is great on the mic, but it was Big Show who was quick to ask Big Ben, “I can’t figure out why they call you Big Ben?”

Ben had backup and called out the Steelers offensive line.  The big boys rushed the ring and after some back and forth with the Super Bowl Champs and the Tag Team Champs, the boys did what they do best.

The Steelers huddled up,  lined up and prepared to go as Ben shouted “QB sneak right at you Big Show…” well, just watch the video.  It’s just too good.

He then called out Jeri-Show to wrestle DX.

Hit the fireworks!


Wrestling fans are calling it the best guest host appearance.  Are you really surprised?

Sure you will just shake your head because, your QB will never be asked to be the guest host of Raw.  Sucks to be you.

Bow to the masters: